Its natural beauty and its archaeological culture heiress, make it one of the most beautiful wild areas that protects the flora and fauna of the place, at the same time still preserves Selknam culture heritage.

This park was created in 1970 and encompasses an area of 134,000 hectares (294,800 acres) to the south of Coyhaique. The stretch of the Carretera Austral that leads to the city of Cochrane crosses the mountainous chain of Cerro Castillo which separates the hydrographic basins of the Aysén and Ibáñez rivers. The most beautiful sites are Cerro Castillo (2,320 m. or 7,609 ft. above sea level), Cerro Iglesia (1,750m. or 5,740 ft.), and Conde Stone, a rock shaped over the years by natural elements to look like a human profile.

Cerro Castillo National Reserve map