Chile is nominated for the Best Destination for Adventure Tourism in South America in the Oscars of travel, and that is why we recommend the activities that are essential for any lover of the adrenaline and outdoor experiences!

 Chile has been nominated for the Best Adventure Tourism Destination in South America 2018 at the World Travel Awards, the Oscars of Tourism. Although it is not the first time that our country has been selected by this prestigious organization.

At the World Travel Awards 2016 Chile was not only nominated but also won the Best Destination for Adventure Tourism, the same happened at the World Travel Awards 2017.

That's why we want to tell you which are our 10 chosen adventure tourism experiences you have to do at least once in your life.

  • Snowboarding in the Andes Mountains

Majestic is the white mountain, that's what the national anthem of Chile says and it is what each one of the skiing and snowboarding lovers sees in the snowy peaks of our country. Chile is the favorite destination of both South Americans and Europeans for its spectacular views and the quality of the infrastructure in some of its ski centers.

  • Rafting in the capital of adventure tourism in Chile

Pucón is the capital of adventure tourism in our country. From this city you can access to walk through a volcano, trekking in National Parks, jump through the air between native trees and of course ​rafting the Trancura River rapids​, one of the most adrenalinic experiences offered by the geography of our country.

  • Excursion in Antarctica Hiking

Antarctica is the dream of many and from our country, it is possible to make that dream come true. If you have asked how to get to Antarctica from Punta Arenas, we tell you that it is not as complicated as it seems. There are only two flights, the first is from Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams and the second from Puerto Williams to the white continent. Would you like to meet him?

  • Mountainbike in the Patagonia

Patagonia's Cerro Castillo National Park is one of the best-kept secrets of Chilean Patagonia. Most foreign tourists come to Torres del Paine, but in terms of landscape, Cerro Castillo does not have much to envy to the most popular park in the country. The adventure becomes even more extreme if you travel on two wheels. You dare?

  • Kayaking in the Chiloé archipelago

Doing river kayaking can be as relaxing as adrenaline. On the San Pedro River, the longest in Chiloé, you can experience both options surrounded by native forest and wildlife.

  • Trekking at the end of the world

Chile was the Best Tourist Destination 2017 in the WTA awards and one of the reasons why our country received this recognition was because of its geography. Thanks to the mountains that accompany us from north to south, our proximity to Antarctica and to be the home of millenary forests, is that Chile can offer spectacular adventures like ​this trekking​ in the southernmost place in the world.

  • Horseback riding on the Carretera Austral

The Carretera Austral is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Chile. It is the favorite route for road trips, but it is also the most chosen for lovers of mountain biking. Equally spectacular are the horse rides along this beautiful Chilean route.

  • Mountain Bike in San Pedro de Atacama

This charismatic town in the north of Chile attracts hundreds of tourists for its incredible rock formations that make them feel as if they were on another planet. One of the best options to visit some of these landscapes, such as the Valle de la Luna or the Valle de la Muerte, is by bicycle, an adventure that is becoming increasingly popular among adrenaline junkies.

  • Surfing in the best waves in South America

Besides having incredible mountains for trekking, and landscapes that take your breath away, Chile boasts of having one of the best waves in the world. Some people say that even at a time of the year, the Chilean waves are the number one in the world. Pichilemu is the favorite destination for lovers of this sport, but Iquique does not stay behind. Its pleasant climate and healthy vibes make you fall in love with this city ​​as much as its beautiful beaches.

  • Trekking Torres del Paine in winter

 This is the adventure  that has targeted Chile as a tourist destination and is probably responsible for the fact that in recent years our country has positioned itself as the best adventure tourism destination in South America. It is the cover of the Lonely Planet Chile and the most unforgettable of the must-sees.



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