Covering the territory from Campo de Hielo Sur (the southern ice-cap) to a vast piece of Antartica, this is one of the most spectacular areas of the planet. It includes he 12th Magellan Region and the Chilean Antarctic Territory.


In Southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego you can visit the southernmost islands across the American continent, parks where to find unique natural riches. Also you'll find that this lands, although cold, they have a warm and amiable culture as well as gastronomy to enjoy.

Traveling from North to South the first thing you'll notice is the famous Torres del Paine National Park. It is one of the few places that gather a great amount of attractions. Inside abound lakes, lagoons, snow-caps and a large number of representative species of our country. The place also features the mountain massif that gives the name to the reserve, which poses quite a challenge to mountaineers around the world.

Following the path, just before reaching Puerto Natales, the view is overhwelming. Heading through a detour you can reach La Cueva del Milodón (Milodon Cave), place declared Natural Monument given that there were found remains of the prehistoric mammal of the same name.

Going through Puerto Natales and crossing Isla Riesco National Reserve you'll reach the farthest Ski Center in the world: Cerro Mirador. Next to it, crossing the Strait of Magellan you'll find Tierra del Fuego, an island where the cold winds and rains have maked the earth as much as the men who inhabit it. Porvenir, located to the front of Punta Arenas, is the biggest city on the island.

Porvenir is the largest and most important city in the island. Going South, crossing the Beagle Channel you can access to the far-off Puerto Williams, located in Navarino Island. It's a good place to explore unique surroundings and to travel through to reach the neighouring Argentinian city of Ushuaia.

Finally, there's Cabo de Hornos National Park, the southernmost park in the world, covering near dozen islands that are only visible by plane. However, it is only once you have crossed stormy waters of over thousands kilometers, that finally the Chilean Antartic Territory emerges out of the distance, the last frontier of our soil.

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