San Pedro de Atacama is located 2.500 mts. above sea level, on the north side of Atacama Salt Flat, an area of great tourist and archaeological attractions. The town is set on one of the many oasis formed by the rains of the "Bolivian Winter" in Atacama Desert, the driest in the world. That's why you can see truly unique vegetation, like chañares, carob trees, and capsicum.

The area was the main development center of the atacameño culture, and then a scouting party for the Incas. You can take a look at the historic past of San Pedro de Atacama in the Archaeological Museum Padre Le Paige in Quitor Pukará and Tulor Village, near the town. You'll feel transported to another time when you go through the cultivation fields and visit the traditional adobe houses.

But it's not all archaeology. The surroundings of San Pedro de Atacama also offer various attractions and unique landscapes that have been formed due to the extreme conditions of the area (lack of water, volcanic activity and the presence of salt flats). 

San Pedro de Atacama map