If you are traveling to San Pedro de Atacama, you cannot miss the tour to visit the Salar de Tara. Here we tell you what to do, and what other excursions you can’t miss!

We only had one day to finish our vacation in San Pedro de Atacama. After analyzing several tour alternatives we decided that the trip would take us to some of the most moving landscapes of the Atacama Desert: El Salar de Tara.

Expectations were high, very high. We were recommended to equip ourselves well because it runs wind and carry water to avoid the puna.

We left. The journey is arduous and in some places there is scarcely a trace for the cars. This makes the tour even more adventurous. All in silence looking at the Andean landscapes lost in the mountains of the Andes.

The Salar de Tara hosts an incredible variety of flora and fauna and in recent years has become the star tour of San Pedro de Atacama, especially for lovers of photography and landscapes of the highlands.

This place, unfortunately is not protected, reason why its entrance is free and is open to public. The landscape offers a really exciting view. A perpetual silence whipped by the wind, multi-colored lagoons where you can see flamingoes, vicuñas, chululos, Andean gulls and culpeo fox.

As if all this were not enough, on the fronts of the landscape are the famous cathedrals of Tara which are strange pointed rock formations joined together. Several investigations indicate that they are of volcanic origin. Legend says they were petrified warriors.

Pickups, 4x4s, and private cars stop at the side of the road. At more than 4 thousand meters above sea level the landscape becomes spectacular, silent, intelligent ...

Although the trip was only a few days, we made other excursions that you can’t miss if you travel to San Pedro de Atacama.

1. Puritama and Guatin Hot Springs: If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, you cannot miss the Puritama Hot Springs, which are water holes in the middle of a ravine just 30 kilometers from San Pedro.

2. Andean lagoons: Miscanti and Miñiques, the famous lagoons of the Andes mountain range. Always snowed in the middle of volcanoes and white mountains. We recommend going on a tour as the road is quite dangerous.

3. Valle del Arcoiris: If you want to know something different, do not forget to visit the mountain range and strange rocky formations of red, purple, white and green colors. The tour lasts approximately 4 hours and you can walk around to take pictures and admire the landscape.

4. Geysers of Tatio and Machuca: A tour not to be missed par excellence. To know the highest geometric field in the world with immense fumaroles of water that leave from the interior of the earth. It's very cold, too cold, but it's a tour you have to do. On the way back to San Pedro de Atacama there is a brief stop in the town of Machuca, where there are 12 houses that only survive thanks to tourism. Be sure to visit their church.


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