The Colchagua Museum is located 180 kilometers south of Santiago and is known for being one of the best museums in central Chile. It contains objects and history from the beginning of life, 400 million years ago to this day.

The Colchagua Museum is located in Santa Cruz and is considered one of the most interesting museums in central Chile. It was inaugurated in 1995 and was created by Carlos Cardoen Cornejo, with the aim of studying, conserving and spreading the cultural heritage of Chile.

In the museum you can find a wide variety of objects that were collected since the beginning of life 400 million years ago until the twentieth century that are distributed in different rooms according to the time.

The museum has fossils, paleontology, Chilean arequeología, pre-Columbian arts, history and objects of the Inca empire, articles collected from the time of the conquest, colony, independence of Chile, Republic. We learn in detail the history of the Colchagua Valley, and various objects that have been found as jewelry, textiles and metallurgy, wine and agricultural machinery, railways of Chile, among others.

Colchagua Museum map