The city of Santiago is the capital of Chile, along with being the most important cultural, administrative and financial centre of the country. Santiago is located in the maipo Valley, between the middle of the coastal mountain range, the cordillera of the Andes, the cords of Chacabuco and Angostura. Within the city you can find different cultural, Bohemian neighborhoods, even places to be with nature.

Santiago del Nuevo Extremo, Chile's capital city, was founded on February 14th by Pedro de Valdivia on the valley next to Mapocho River. Located 543 meters above sea level, this territory presents a slight incliniation from East to West and, placed on it, two important heights overlooking the city, namely San Cristóbal and Santa Lucía hills.  From both you can gaze at an amazing panoramic view of Santiago.

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  • The best of Santiago - Perfect

    The best of Santiago - Perfect4 Days

    Travel package 4 days to see the best of Santiago center and its surroundings. Visit the historical neighborhoods of the capital and…



  • The best of Santiago - Full

    The best of Santiago - Full5 Days

    In this travel package we will visit best of Santiago and their natural surrounding. We will travel to the coast to see Valparaíso,…

    From:CLP$ 38.295

    From:US$ 61

  • The best of Santiago - Express

    The best of Santiago - Express3 Days

    Travel package express to visit the best of Santiago and its surroundings in 3 days. We will do a city tour in the capital and will…

    From:CLP$ 64.688

    From:US$ 102

  • Travel package to visit Chile

    Travel package to visit Chile10 Days

    Travel package to visit the best of Chile in 10 days. We will travel to San Pedro of Atacama, Santiago and Valparaiso in the center,…



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What to do in Santiago

These are some of the activities you can do in Santiago.

  • Tour Concha y Toro Winery

    Tour Concha y Toro Winery4 Hours

    The history of the Concha y Toro vineyard began with the first strains brought by the Spaniards. This has made it a successful vineyard…

    From:CLP$ 25.500

    From:US$ 45

  • City tour Santiago

    City tour Santiago4 Hours

    In this city tour you will visit the most important of Santiago: The historical center of the capital and the most modern area that…

    From:CLP$ 17.000

    From:US$ 26

  • Gastronomic Tour in Santiago

    Gastronomic Tour in Santiago5 Hours

    Come and enjoy a gastronomic experience in Santiago, where you will be the chef of your own dishes. We are going to visit the Central…



  • Undurraga Winery Tour

    Undurraga Winery Tour4 Hours

    Complete tour to know the Viña Undurraga and all its history. You will tour the park, the wineries and finish with a rich wine tasting.

    From:CLP$ 27.200

    From:US$ 45

  • Tour Farellones and Valle Nevado

    Tour Farellones and Valle NevadoFull day

    Come and visit the village of Farellones and the ski resort Valle Nevado, in the Andes mountain range, just 70 kilometers from Santiago.

    From:CLP$ 25.500

    From:US$ 38

  • Embalse del Yeso excursion

    Embalse del Yeso excursion9 Hours

    Excursion to Embalse del Yeso in Cajón del Maipo, one of the unforgettable walks to do in the surroundings of Santiago.

    From:CLP$ 65.000

    From:US$ 100

  • Snow Hike In Cajon del Maipo

    Snow Hike In Cajon del Maipo11 Hours

    Trekking to San José volcano, located in the Andes mountain range in Cajón del Maipo, a few kilometers from the center of Santiago.

    From:CLP$ 65.000

    From:US$ 100

  • Bicycle in Santiago

    Bicycle in Santiago4 Hours

    Cycle through some of Santiago's most famous markets. Walk through the walls filled with graffiti of Barrio Bellavista and learn about…

    From:CLP$ 24.000

    From:US$ 40

  • Sewell Tour in Andes Mountains

    Sewell Tour in Andes Mountains11 Hours

    We invite you to visit Sewell on a complete tour to see the mining camp that has more than 100 years of history.

    From:CLP$ 46.000

    From:US$ 76

  • Ski day in Valle Nevado

    Ski day in Valle NevadoFull day

    Come ski to Valle Nevado, the largest winter center in South America, located in the middle of the Andes mountain range. The ski day…

    From:CLP$ 104.700

    From:US$ 165

  • Trekking Alto del Naranjo in Santiago

    Trekking Alto del Naranjo in SantiagoFull day

    Come and visit Santiago from the pre-Andes mountain range, on a 12-hour trek through Alto del Naranjo, on the way to Cerro Provincia.

    From:CLP$ 65.000

    From:US$ 100

  • Ski day La Parva

    Ski day La ParvaFull day

    If you want to know the Andes and enjoy skiing with your friends or family, we offer you a ski day in La Parva, just 60 kilometers…

    From:CLP$ 90.000

    From:US$ 140

  • Ski day in El Colorado

    Ski day in El ColoradoFull day

    Come to know El Colorado with a Ski day that includes group classes and ticket to access the courts of this renowned ski center, located…

    From:CLP$ 102.908

    From:US$ 158

  • Wine Tour - Viña Santa Rita

    Wine Tour - Viña Santa Rita4 Hours

    Tour to visit Viña Santa Rita, one of the oldest and most traditional vineyards in Chile. We will visit its natural surroundings, its…

    From:CLP$ 28.000

    From:US$ 43

  • Vinolia: Virtual - Sensorial Tour and Wine Pairing

    Vinolia: Virtual - Sensorial Tour and Wine Pairing2 Hours

    In Vinolia you can know the history of different vineyards of the Colchagua valley and the Casablanca valley through a virtual tour.…

    From:CLP$ 33.000

    From:US$ 52

Hotels in Santiago

  • Hotel Eurotel El Bosque

    El Bosque Norte 0124, Las Condes, Santiago

    Hotel Eurotel El Bosque

    An invitation to discover the heart of Las Condes in a privileged location, just a short walk from the metro station on "El Bosque…

  • Hotel Eurotel Providencia

    Guardia Vieja 285, Providencia, Santiago

    Hotel Eurotel Providencia

    Eurotel Hotel is a recently renovated Four-Star hotel with a European style, located in the best area of the new civic centre of Santiago,…

    From:CLP$ 80.325

    From:US$ 106

  • Hotel Santiago

    Kennedy 4601, Las Condes, Santiago

    Hotel Santiago

    Considered one of the most luxurious hotels in South America, Grand Hyatt Santiago is located in an exclusive residential area in Las…

    From:CLP$ 147.263

    From:US$ 263

  • Noi Vitacura

    Av. Nueva Costanera 3736, Vitacura, Santiago

    Noi Vitacura

    Noi Vitacura is located in the heart of Alonso de Córdova, a neighborhood known throughout Chile for its notable boutiques offering…

    From:CLP$ 168.583

    From:US$ 205

  • Apart Hotel Neruda

    Avda Pedro de Valdivia 164, Providencia, Santiago

    Apart Hotel Neruda

    Neruda Apart Hotel offers Furnished and fully equipped apartments located amid the entertaining Providencia neighbourhood.

    From:CLP$ 69.913

    From:US$ 110

  • Enjoy Santiago: Hotel Del Valle

    Ruta Los Libertadores Km 53, Rinconada, Los Andes, Santiago

    Enjoy Santiago: Hotel Del Valle

    Enjoy Santiago offers a unique combination of nature, relax and entertainment. Irresistible place to switch off and enjoy an integral…

    From:CLP$ 87.763

    From:US$ 110

  • Hotel Altiplanico San Alfonso

    Camino al Volcán 29.955, San José de Maipo, Santiago

    Hotel Altiplanico San Alfonso

    Nestled between the impressive mountains of the Andes, this small hotel is designed to fuse into the earth, with an expansive beautiful…

    From:CLP$ 190.000

    From:US$ 320

  • Hotel Atton El Bosque

    Roger de Flor 2770, Santiago

    Hotel Atton El Bosque

    Atton El Bosque is located in a modern 18-story building, situated in an exclusive neighbourhood of the city. Two blocks from Tobalaba…

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