This is our selection of the best Instagram accounts on landscapes and flora and fauna of Chile.

We love Chile with its contrasts. Its deserts in the north, its forests in the south and its glaciers in the austral zone, attract the attention of nature lovers, seekers of Chilean fauna and photographers. There is a series of nature photographers recognized nationally for their work, but today in GoChile, we will focus on those who show their images through Instagram.
Below is our selection of the best Instagram accounts on landscapes and flora and fauna of Chile.


  • IG @franciscoespildora: Francisco Espildora defines himself as a conservationist photographer. In his Instagram account, he shares images of Chilean fauna and landscapes. Puma, fox shrieks, seven colors, condor, and humpback whale, are some of the spices that Espildora has managed to capture with his objective and that he shares in his neat and uniform IG wall.
  • IG @eljuancri: Juan Cristóbal Lara is a lover of sunsets and nocturnal captures, and apparently an expert in viewpoints in Santiago. His urban photographs taken from above, are the hallmark that has led him to become known in collective accounts and to generate faithful followers on Instagram. But the photographer also knows how to take advantage of landscapes outside the urban area, as he has done in Valle Nevado, Farellones, Frutillar and the Termas de Chillán.
  • IG @xsebastien: The Instagram account of photographer Sébastien G. Mora, stands out for delivering a different proposal in his landscape and urban photographs. Mora takes aerial images and takes advantage of the benefits of digital photography to perfection. His photos of Chile include the volcano Villarica, the beautiful city of Valdivia, Farellones, San Pedro de Atacama and ​El Yeso Reservoir​.
  • IG @biodiversidad_chilena: The specialty of the Instagram account of Vicente Valdés Guzmán, is the Chilean flora and fauna captured from very close. Valdés manages the macro in an impressive way, but it is not only the quality of his images that is striking. To excel in this social network, it takes more than good captures, it is necessary to catch the eye of the public with a uniform wall that conveys a general idea, and in that, Valdés is also a specialist.
  • IG @emintehess: Besides a photographer, Eduardo Minte Hess is a tourist guide in Torres del Paine and also a fireman. His Instagram wall exposes beautiful photographs of southern landscapes and wildlife. What sets it apart from other animal photographers? He is one of the few who has sharp captures of the elusive Chilean felines such as Geoffroy's cat, the Huiña cat and cougar's offspring doing antics.
  • IG @joovisuals: Torres del Paine, San Pedro de Atacama, Carretera Austral, Conguillio National Park, Antofagasta, and Cajón del Maipo are some of the places that Joel Salinas has captured with his camera and exhibits in his Instagram account. Each image alone is a photographic jewel, and together they make a wall that is inspiring and pleasing to the eye.
  • @micomj: Nicolás Muñoz mixes minimalist photographs with beautiful southern landscapes, urban shots, and nocturnal captures. The images that Muñoz presents in his Instagram account stand out for showing typical places seen from a different perspective, such as the Radal Siete Tazas, Farellones, the Laja jump, Valparaíso and the Pirquinco Lagoon.
  • @andres_briones_c: Santiago and San Pedro de Atacama are the main protagonists of the photographs taken by Andrés Briones and presented in his Instagram account. The lights of the capital from above are spectacular in the wall of this photographer, but the images that have most caught our attention are those of San Pedro de Atacama. With its captures of the Valley of the Moon, the Salar de Atacama, the Cejar Lagoon, Piedras Rojas and the Puritana hot springs, Briones makes  San Pedro de Atacama one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Chile to visit.
  • @benjamingrandi: When a travel magazine hires a photographer, it is not buying the services of this person, is buying his vision of the world. Benjamin Briones Grandi's vision of Chilean nature is aesthetic, delicate and very unique. Long exposure photographs, mountain peaks, lagoons, sunsets, and aerial captures show that with good use of the camera and a talent for aesthetics are enough to take the perfect picture.

Is there an Instagram account of nature and travel in Chile that you think should be on this list?

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