Skorpios cruise will take you to the best places of northern Patagonia in 6 days. We will sail from Puerto Montt to Laguna San Rafael and we will visit the fjords, lakes and glaciers in the south of Chile.

Day 1: Saturday - Port Montt - Chiloé

What you will visit:

  • 1 Puerto Montt

A12:00: We’ll sail from the Skorpios Terminal in Port Montt to navigate around the archipelago of Llanquihue.

From the ship, we’ll get to admire the city of Calbuco, to then pass in front of the Ancud gulf, the archipelago of Chiloé and, at midnight, cross the Corcovado gulf.

Day 2: Sunday - Moraleda and Ferronave Channels - Puerto Aguirre

What you will visit:

  • 1 Puerto Aguirre

8:00 am:  We’ll sail around the Moraleda and Ferronave channels.

11:00 am:  We’ll disembark in the fishing village Port Aguirre, which we’ll be able to visit for an hour and a half. Then, we’ll return to Ferronave, to continue sailing around the Pilcomayo and Costa channels.

In the night, we’ll find ourselves sailing through Caleta Hualas or Punta Leopard, 20 miles away from the San Rafael glacier.

Day 3: Monday - San Rafael lagoon

What you will visit:

  • 1 Laguna San Rafael National Park

Early in the morning, we’ll enter the San Rafael lagoon to disembark on our boats and make an excursion around the multicolored ice floes, if the weather allows it.

17:00 hrs:  We’ll get close to the San Rafael glacier, to then return to the ship and sail toward the Quitralco fjord.

Day 4: Tuesday - Quitralco Fjord

What you will visit:

  • 1 Fiordo Quitralco

In the morning, we’ll dock in the Quitralco fjord. In it, we’ll get to enjoy its thermal pools, with waters between 30 and 32°C. If the weather allows it, we’ll board boats to go deeper into the fjord.

17:00 hrs:  We’ll sail toward Chiloé, navigating around the Moraleda and Pérez Norte channels.

Day 5: Wednesday - Los Chonos Archipelago

What you will visit:

  • 1 Dalcahue
  • 2 Archipiélago Los Chonos

We begin the day navigating the channel Leucayec in the islands of the Chonos, where we will see the village of Melinka. Later we will cross the Gulf of Corcovado, where, if weather conditions permit, we can spot blue whales or whales. We will continue sailing along the coast of Chiloé.

 11:00 am: arrive at rabbits islet, located in the channel Queilen. There will disembark to make motor boat rides around this small island inhabited by Magellanic penguins and numerous birds in the area.

13:00 hours: continue sailing between the Islands Lemuy and Schilling.

16:30 hours: arrive to Dalcahue, where we will have free time to 23:00.

You will then embark to return to Puerto Montt, while we enjoy a farewell party.

Day 6: Thursday - Port Montt

What you will visit:

  • 1 Puerto Montt

First thing in the morning, we’ll be returning to Skorpios Terminal in Port Montt, where we’ll disembark after breakfast.

  • 5 nights on board the Skorpios II cruise in cabin choice.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Drinks, wines and spirits.
  • Entrance to Quitralco Hot spring
  • Welcome cocktail.
NOT Included
  • All not mentioned


The departures are on Saturday (ask by cost of night additional prior to the sailing date). 

Date of operation navigation of October 2017 to April 2018.