The Chilean Patagonia is characterized by its fjords and canals with imposing glaciers, mountains and glaciers. We invite you to travel the end of the world!

In this article we will tell you which the main fjords of Southern Patagonia are so you do not hesitate to travel and know each one of them. You can meet each one of them in this incredible Skorpios cruise that navigates through unexplored areas of the South of Chile.

Quitralco: The Quitralco fjord is an old glacier surrounded by mountains, located in Aysén Patagonia. Crucero Skorpios has warm water facilities where you can enjoy thermal baths (between 30 ° and 32 °) and steam, in addition to tour the surroundings that are characterized by its lush vegetation.

Calvo: Calvo fjord is said to be one of the most attractive in the southern zone, as it is composed of a natural amphitheater of glaciers interned in the Andes mountain range. If you sail on the Skorpios cruise, you can witness 6 glaciers with their huge icebergs. You will sail between icebergs and completely pristine places.

Quintupeu: It is called the "Garden of Eden" of the area. You will see Andean waterfalls, volcanoes and larches.

The Mountains: The fjord of the Mountains where kayak lovers navigate its waters and cross its shores. You can see the Paredes glacier, which they say, is one of the most impressive in the Region.


If you want to know the fjords and canals of Patagonia, we recommend to make the route of the Chonos in Skorpios cruisethat begins in Puerto Montt and arrives until the channels of Aysén Patagonia, soon return towards the north.

Another option is to make the Patagonia Austral, the Kaweskar route, on a Skorpios cruise that leaves from Puerto Natales to visit the glaciers: Amalia, El Brujo, Calvo fjord, Mountain fjord, Bernal glacier and Alsina.

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