The Elqui Valley is one of the most visited places in Coquimbo. Its vineyards, flora and fauna, the production of pisco and starry and clear skies draw hundreds of tourists who come to enjoy its green landscapes nestled in mountains.

The Valley of Elqui river, in Región de Coquimbo, is one of the most attractive places in our country, not only for its beautiful landscapes, but also because it is home to many esoteric and extraterrestrial phenomena. In addition, the weather conditions allow for the production of the best Pisco in South America, as well as making it an ideal place for astronomical research. It is the birthplace of the country's greatest female poet and literature Nobel Prize winner: Gabriela Mistral.

Location : Región de Coquimbo, east of La Serena.

When to go : Year-round.

Elqui Valley map