The long weekends in October can be the perfect time to explore some of the most exceptional destinations in Chile.

October is internationally recognized as the month of two celebrations that are celebrated worldwide, originating from the United States and Germany, respectively: Halloween and Oktoberfest. The classic Halloween is famous for costumes, candy-giving, and parties, while Oktoberfest is the most important celebration in the European country, with beer as the main protagonist. In Chile, in 2023, it's the month with two long weekends, ideal for traveling.

On Monday, October 9th, Civil Encounter of Two Worlds is celebrated as a civil holiday, while Friday, October 27th, is the Day of Evangelical and Protestant Churches, a religious holiday. In other words, the tenth month of the year starts and ends with long weekends, the perfect excuse to plan a short but well-deserved vacation.

If you're thinking of traveling with your family or friends, there are four destinations that are perfect for making the most of a long weekend. We recommend them below, and as if that weren't enough, we'll share some tour options or programs that are perfectly suited for these holidays.

Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas is a charming town located in the Los Lagos region, known for its German-style architecture and beautiful natural surroundings. It's perfect for a short getaway, as it's just a 20-minute drive from Puerto Montt Airport.

Some of its main tourist attractions are:

  • Lake Llanquihue: One of Chile's largest lakes, it offers opportunities for boating, kayaking, and fishing.
  • Osorno Volcano: An impressive volcanic cone that attracts mountain lovers and offers panoramic views from its summit.
  • Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park: Home to Petrohué Falls and Lake Todos los Santos, with hiking trails and unparalleled landscapes.

If you want to discover Puerto Varas's German tradition and its natural treasures, this three-night program that includes a city tour, an excursion to Osorno Volcano, and more is perfect for any long weekend.

Elqui Valley

Located just over an hour from La Serena Airport, the Elqui Valley is a perfect destination for a short getaway. Its dry and sunny climate makes it an attractive place year-round. The place is known for its spirituality and mysticism, and it was the birthplace of Gabriela Mistral, the first Latin American woman to win a Nobel Prize in Literature.

Some of its main tourist attractions are:

  • Mamalluca Observatory: An ideal place for stargazing thanks to its clear skies and ideal conditions.
  • Pisco Distilleries: Discover the process of making this iconic beverage and taste some varieties.
  • Beautiful natural landscapes with vineyards, rivers, and mountains.

Tasting local piscos and wines, stargazing at the observatories, and admiring the beauty of the mountain landscapes make the Elqui Valley experience special for a holiday. This two-night program with accommodation, an astronomical tour, and wine and pisco tastings is a must.

Carretera Austral

The Carretera Austral is one of Chile's most beautiful and remote routes, but it can be enjoyed in a long weekend. This route is an adventure in itself, with a history that spans from indigenous peoples to Chilean colonization and the construction of the road, surrounded by dozens of tourist attractions.

Some of its main tourist attractions are:

  • Queulat National Park: Home to a hanging glacier and lush Valdivian rainforest.
  • San Rafael Lagoon: Ideal for navigation and admiring the impressive San Rafael Glacier.
  • Glaciers, rivers, and waterfalls: Enjoy the diversity of landscapes, from hanging glaciers to hot springs.

You can explore the best of Aysén with this four-day program where you'll sail on Catamaranes del Sur to San Rafael Lagoon and visit the attractions of Chile's largest lake.

Torres del Paine

For nature lovers and adventure travelers, Torres del Paine is a paradise that seems like a dream. Located in the Magallanes region in the southernmost part of Chile, this national park is a destination worth exploring thoroughly, even on a short October vacation.

Some of its main tourist attractions are:

  • Torres del Paine: The park's icon, these three granite towers nearly 3,000 meters high are a breathtaking sight, especially at sunrise or sunset. The hike to the base of the towers is a must-do for hiking enthusiasts.
  • Cuernos del Paine: Another imposing rock formation, the Cuernos del Paine, rise majestically on the horizon, attracting climbers and hikers.
  • Glaciers: Torres del Paine is home to several glaciers, such as Grey Glacier and Dickson Glacier, offering opportunities for hiking and kayaking to get closer to these ice masses.

The Best of Torres del Paine and Patagonia - Express program, four days and three nights, will take you through the best landscapes of Chilean Patagonia. You'll visit the impressive Balmaceda - Serrano glaciers and Torres del Paine National Park, declared a Biosphere Reserve.

In addition to the long weekends in October, there are two more in 2023: Friday, December 8th, Immaculate Conception Day, and Monday, December 25th, Christmas, a very special date that is also perfect for traveling. Who wouldn't like to receive Santa Claus on their vacation?

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