In addition to the September holidays corresponding to the National Holidays, there are still several long weekends left in 2023, perfect for planning trips.

The calendar moves forward, bringing with it opportunities to disconnect from the routine and explore new horizons. Holidays are favorable moments to travel, explore, and immerse oneself in the cultural and natural richness of Chile. You can take advantage of long weekends that the Monday holidays or those that coincide with Fridays offer, to plan memorable getaways.

Below, we present the remaining holidays in 2023 and some suggestions to make the most of these special dates.

Monday, September 18, and Tuesday, September 19: National Holidays

Chile prepares to celebrate its National Holidays on September 18 and 19, commemorating National Independence and the Day of Army Glories, respectively. National Holidays are a unique occasion to savor typical cuisine such as empanadas, anticuchos, and terremotos (a traditional drink). Moreover, ramadas and fondas (festive events) spring up throughout the country, offering music, folk dances, and traditional games.

This year, the holidays fall on Monday and Tuesday, allowing for a four-day long weekend, ideal for an exploratory trip. You can venture to Iquique with this four-day, three-night program, which includes a city tour and visits to the Great Oasis of Pica, as well as the former Saltpeter Works and Ghost Towns of Santa Laura and Humberstone.

Monday, October 9: Encounter of Two Worlds

October 12 marks the Encounter of Two Worlds, a day that commemorates the meeting of European and American cultures. However, the holiday is moved to Monday, October 9, offering the perfect opportunity to delve into Chile's rich history and heritage. Visiting Torres del Paine is a dream for any traveler, and with this three-night program, you can make it a reality. There's nothing like Patagonia on a long weekend!

Friday, October 27: Day of Evangelical and Protestant Churches

At the end of October, the Day of Evangelical and Protestant Churches provides a space for spiritual reflection and rest. You can take advantage of this holiday to relax with this three-day, two-night program in Valle del Elqui with accommodation at Hotel Terral & Spa, which allows you to explore vineyards and pisco distilleries in the area, along with emblematic sites like the Gabriela Mistral House School Museum.

Friday, December 8: Immaculate Conception

In early December, the Immaculate Conception is celebrated. This is a perfect time to enjoy the blossoming spring weather in Chile and embark on outdoor adventures. You can explore national parks, go hiking, or simply relax in nature. Around this time, the cold starts to fade away, making way for warmth, so a trip to La Serena could be an excellent option. This three-night program will take you to discover the best landscapes of the Coquimbo Region, including Valle del Elqui and Isla Damas.

Monday, December 25: Christmas

December 25 brings the celebration of Christmas. Streets light up with festive decorations, and many cities offer special events to immerse yourself in the Christmas magic. One of the favorite destinations for Chilean families during Christmas is Puerto Varas, and with this four-day travel package, you can explore the best of the city and its surroundings, such as Frutillar, Osorno Volcano, and Petrohué Falls.

Here is the complete list of remaining holidays in 2023

  • Monday, September 18: National Independence Day (Irrenunciable)
  • Tuesday, September 19: Day of Army Glories (Irrenunciable)
  • Monday, October 9: Encounter of Two Worlds (Civil)
  • Friday, October 27: Day of Evangelical and Protestant Churches (Religious)
  • Wednesday, November 1: All Saints' Day (Religious)
  • Friday, December 8: Immaculate Conception (Religious)
  • Sunday, December 17: National Plebiscite (Irrenunciable)
  • Monday, December 25: Christmas (Irrenunciable)

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