The Los Flamencos National Reserve houses and protects a rich diversity of flora and fauna in the middle of the Atacama Desert.

This reserve, created in 1990, consists of seven areas located in the town of San Pedro de Atacama. Each one of them has a different geography, flora, fauna and hydrography.

The Tara Salt Flat - Aguas Calientes area is five hours east of San Pedro. Here you will find attractions like: Tara lagoon and salt flat, Zapaleri river, Aguas Calientes 1 Salt Flat, and Negra Lagoon. The animals that dwell in this area are the vicuña and the Andean fox, whereas the most important flora specimens are the water tola (Baccharis tola) and the amaia.

The area of Pujsa Salt Flat is located a bit further south of Tara-Aguas Calientes. Just like the former, its relief features rolling plains with an inter-mountain depression and the hills of Negro de Pujsa and Balle. The fauna present in the area includes vizcachas, tawny tuco-tucos, flamingoes, rheas, condors and eaglets, among others.

Los Flamencos National Reserve map