Come and see the beautiful landscapes of La Araucanía, where you can visit the Volcano Llaima, lakes and lagoons of volcanic formation. It is an ideal place to concect with nature under the great araucarias that presents the place.

Conguillío National Park has a surface area of 60.832 hectares, and in Mapudungún its name means 'water with pine kernels'.

Some of its greatest attractions are ‘Llaima’ Volcano (3,125 meters, 10,250 ft), its lakes and lagoons of volcanic origin, and the ancient forests, many of which are unexplored. This park is also known as ‘the umbrellas’, due to the shape of its ancient araucaria forests.

Location: Región de la Araucanía, 148 km (92.5 mi) northeast of Temuco. Curacautín is located 28 (17 mi) km northwest.

Conguillío National Park map