Wild nature, cultural cities, extraterrestrial landscapes, paradisiacal beaches: these are the ten destinations that can not be missed in Chile, ranked.

10. Iquique

Of extensive beaches, palm trees that adorn the cycle paths, recreation places facing the sea and a pleasant climate, this city is perfect for sports both inside and outside the water. Surfing is the protagonist, although paragliding and cycling are also popular.

9. National Parks of Araucanía

Chile is rich in national parks, and some of the most beautiful are in the Araucanía region. The Conguillío is a land of thousand-year-old araucarias, the Huerquehue stands out for its lakes and lagoons, Nahuelbuta for being one of the two places in Chile where the fox of Darwin lives, and the Malalcahuello, where you can trek and ski among oaks, raulíes and coigues.

8. Chiloé

Its myths, legends, traditions and cuisine so particular, make this island a unique place. With its colorful wooden churches, its wild beaches, its dense forests, and its exotic fauna that includes elusive felines, such as La Guiña, the Darwin fox and deer like the pudu, conquers all who step on their land and navigate its waters.

7. Carretera Austral

Perfect to travel by car, bicycle or motorcycle, it is the most beautiful route in Chile and one of the most beautiful in the world. In its 1000 km of natural beauty, there is a great diversity of landscapes, which combined with the adventure tourism that characterizes the area, can turn this into the best trip of your life. Rafting, trekking, crossings in glaciers, you choose!

6. Lauca National Park

Part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, this park enchants with its altiplanic landscapes, volcanoes of 6,000 meters high, lava fields, slopes with forests of guacaya, queñoa and other similar species, as well as wet and dry meadows where they live ñandúes, condors, pumas, foxes, flames and flamingos.

5. Santiago

Cosmopolitan, modern, with a vibrant nightlife and an excellent gastronomic offer, the capital of Chile, is the starting point for all those who visit us. Only two hours from the beach and one hour from the ski centers, this city enchants its visitors with its parks, museums, shops and culture.

4. Valparaíso

The so-called cultural capital of Chile, and Cultural Heritage City of Humanity, draws attention for its hills, which thanks to its funiculars, stairs, alleys, colorful houses and impressive murals, has become one of the most visited places of our country.

3. San Pedro de Atacama

In the north of Chile is the small town of San Pedro de Atacama, the gateway to the driest desert in the world and its wonders. Huge dunes, geysers, volcanoes, altiplanic lagoons, salt lagoons, salt flats, bottomless wells, and landscapes taken from another planet are some of the attractions of this magical destination.

2. Isla de Pascua

It is one of the most isolated places in the world, it is in Polynesia but it is part of Chile and it attracts travelers from all over the world for its culture, its mysticism and its imposing moais. It also has impressive landscapes of beaches and volcanoes and is ideal for sports such as diving and surfing.

1. Torres Del Paine National Park

In an edition of National Geographic, this park came out as the fifth most beautiful place in the world. And with good reason, because it has an exceptional geography of turquoise lakes, rivers, and forests of Lengas, impressive rock formations and extensive pampas visited by guanacos, ñandúes and pumas.

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