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  • Paquete turístico Nevados de Sollipulli

    Paquete turístico Nevados de Sollipulli3 Days

    3 days in Nevados de Sollipulli. Climb to Sollipulli volcano and camp with view to the glacier, one of the best landscapes of Araucanía Region.



  • Ski Week in Corralco

    Ski Week in Corralco8 Days

    Travel package 8 days in Corralco Mountain & Ski Resort located in National Malalcahuello National Reserve. Come to enjoy a week of…



Hotels in Temuco

  • Montaña Magica Lodge Huilo- Huilo

    Reserva Biológica de Huilo Huilo, Temuco

    Montaña Magica Lodge Huilo- Huilo

    The Montaña Mágica forms part of the Huilo Huilo complex. It is the first lodge built to incorporate the harmony of its surroundings…

    From:CLP$ 141.986

    From:US$ 171

  • Nothofagus Hotel & Spa

    Reserva Biológica De Huilo-Huilo, Temuco

    Nothofagus Hotel & Spa

    Nothofagus Hotel & Spa is located within the Huilo Huilo Reserve (60 thousand hectare park). Inaugurated in December 2007, it is a…

    From:CLP$ 141.986

    From:US$ 171

  • Valle Corralco Hotel & Spa

    malalcahuello, Temuco

    Valle Corralco Hotel & Spa

    From:CLP$ 209.000

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