Expert travelers from Chile gave their safety pins for this 2019

We asked our team of travel experts of GoChile which will be the places that will set trends this 2019. Those rough diamonds that have not yet attracted the attention of mass tourism and that deserve to be visited.

Then the result of the deliberation:

Chilean Antarctica: The white continent is on fire. Visiting the coldest and southernmost place in the world is no longer a cinephile fantasy. Thanks to tourism agencies, the Chilean Antarctic has become a place that can be visited by travelers and tourists. The tour packages  range from day trips to week trips.

Araucanía Costera: The Chilean Araucanía is known for being the cradle of the fascinating Mapuche culture and for its leafy forests of ancient trees. Tourists arrive in summer to see the mountain range of Pucón and Conguillío, but this year the coastal area is taking all the attention. The Nahuelbuta National Park, located in the coastal mountain range, the Mapuche community of Lake Budi and the picturesque Italian village of Capitán Pastene are the new top places to connect with the intriguing Mapuche culture and the nature of the region.

Glaciers of Patagonia: walking through glaciers and climbing them  is the new trend in extreme sports. In Chile we have more than 80 glaciers, being the most popular for excursions those of Patagonia. The pictures of the glaciers in Chile that adventurers upload to social networks is enough temptation to want to try this brave activity. Would you try it?

Patagonia Parks Route: among the pristine forests of southern Chile, the ​longest trekking route​  in the world has just opened. There are 2,800 kilometers of spectacular landscapes, unique ecosystems, and local cultures. The project protects 11.5 million hectares of 17 Chilean national parks that go from Puerto Montt to Cape Horn. Chilean Patagonia is one of the least populated places in the world, undoubtedly one of the few remaining corners where nature still reigns. This route is a gift for the world and a must for anyone who considers himself a nature lover.

Valle del Elqui: It is the star destination of this year. One of the most beautiful places in Chile, which has gone unnoticed by the world, but no longer. According to experts, Valle del Elqui will be the best place on Earth to see the Total Solar Eclipse. If you want to witness the astronomical event of the year, book now because there are very few places left.


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