This are the hikes you must do if in Chile

The W circuit in Torres del Paine is the most famous trekking we have in Chile and the O trail is probably one of the most beautiful, but these are not the only trekkings in Patagonia that leave you breathless because of the beauty of its landscapes.

Patagonia has 1,043 square kilometers in total. 1,043 kilometers of forests, valleys, mountains, rivers, lakes, glaciers, fjords and pampas. If you are one of those who seek the least traveled routes, those who escape from the hordes of people or those who yearn for contact with nature, you will love the five trekkings about which we will tell you next:

  • Cerro Castillo National Park

Located only 64 kilometers far from Coyhaique, Cerro Castillo National Park is one of the best-kept secrets by trekking enthusiasts. Those who have been there say that their landscapes are as spectacular as those of Torres del Paine.

From valleys, forests, granite mountains, a lagoon, and a glacier, Cerro Castillo Park has nothing to envy to the eighth wonder of the world. Cerro Castillo and Cerro Iglesia star in the spectacular panoramic view of the park as well as the Towers in Torres del Paine.

Declared a National Park only two years ago, this territory protects Chilean fauna species such as huemul, puma, guanaco and red fox among others. Go meet Cerro Castillo before it is full of tourists!

  • Valle de Cochamó

Known as the Chilean Yosemite, Cochamó is a beautiful valley that boasts steep granite mountains, turquoise lagoons and waterfalls with natural slides.

In the area there are around seven trails that are classified according to their level of difficulty. The best known is the Amphitheater, a four-hour road that goes through a lush forest and culminating in a mountain surrounded by huge granite walls.

Another of the known trails is the Arcoíris, which passes through 3,000-year-old larch forests, some of the oldest on the continent.

The best time to go is between November and March, during the summer season, when the rains decrease.

  • Dientes de Navarino

The path that crosses the mountain range Dientes de Navarino in Tierra del Fuego is considered the southernmost trekking in the world and one of the most challenging in Chile. Located in an area even more remote than Torres del Paine, it is a 6-day circuit that passes through Magellanic forests of coihues, Lengas and  Ñirres; viewpoints with panoramic views to the Beagle Channel and the Darwin Mountain Range; and unique views to the sharp points that have given the name to the path.

In this high level trekking it is also possible to see miniature forests of mosses and lichens, some of which can not be found anywhere else in the world.

The best date to do it is in summer, from December to March. It is recommended to go with an experienced guide since there are no signs of civilization on the trail, nor places to buy supplies. It is even more possible to meet endemic fauna than another human being on this path. It is necessary to bring food and water in the backpack, as well as camping equipment and first aid kit.

To get to the start of the trail in Puerto Williams you have to take a flight from Punta Arenas.

  • Villarrica Volcano

The climb to Villarica volcano in Pucón is one of the most adrenaline trekking in Chile. Its steep slopes covered with snow are not easy to conquer. It is necessary to climb with crampons, an ice ax and an experienced guide who knows what to do in case of avalanche or rockfall. To all this is added the fact of knowing that it is an active volcano, which makes the experience a much more exciting one. The reward when you get to the top is to see the crater in action, the incredible southern landscape and the descent on board.

  • Conguillio National Park

This wonderful park of thousand-year-old forests, volcanoes and colored lagoons is one of the most beautiful in Chile. Home to hundreds of araucarias, a representative tree of our country and the second oldest in Chile, it offers trails that go deep into the Andes mountain range in the Araucanía region. One of its best-known trails is the Sierra Nevada, which in its 10 kilometers includes incredible views of the Conguillio lagoon, the Llaima volcano, and some glaciers.

Home of cougars, foxes, winking cats, condors and eagles, this park enjoys its best season in autumn when the trees are dyed reddish and the masses of tourists are miles away from the territory.

It is possible to camp in the park as well as rent cabins with hot tub and wood stove. If you have a good camera, be sure to take it because its landscapes will not leave you indifferent.

Live the experience

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    • FromUS$150per person
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    • On Request