These 10 places are in Chile and are part of our vast territory that includes the driest desert in the world and the coldest forests.

We travel through Chile and look for the most hidden places of our country. Here we present the 10 places that you really will not believe are in Chile.

  1. Mocha Island, Bio Bio: Getting to the island is already an adventure. It is located on the shores of. Arauco, 35 kilometers from Tirúa. They live around 800 people and constitute a sacred site for the Mapuche religion. The island was a refuge for pirates and it is estimated that many ships loaded with treasures stopped at its shores.
  2. Laguna Arcoiris, in Conguillío National Park: It could be one of the most extraordinary places in Chile. It dates back more than 300 years and was formed by a flood of water, leaving part of the forest nothofagus completely under the water. Would like to live this experience?
  3. Laguna Roja, Arica and Parinacota: Natural water source in the middle of the plateau. It was surrounded by an indigenous community, but after several legends, they left the place. They believe it represents "female fertility" so it should be treated with a lot of respect. Legend has it that the lagoon has cursed powers for all tourists who arrive with negative energy.
  4. Salinas de Cáhuil, Pichilemu: Craft production of salt from the coast. For this, the Salt Route was created, which includes Pichilemu, Cáhuil, Barrancas, El Bronce, La Palmilla, La Villa and La Plaza. This way you can know the complete process of salt generation.
  5. Alejandro Selkirk Island, Robinson Crusoe: It is a botanical island, where there are about 25 endemic species of Robinson Crusoe. Many of them are critically endangered as the "cobra". There are no more than 60 people who were attracted by lobster fishing. It is the most remote island of Robinson Crusoe, but belongs to the same archipelago.If you want to visit it, you can do it with Robinson Crusoe Island travel program.
  6. Jeinimeni Lake National Reserve, Aysén: Valleys, ravines, forests and rivers ... For millions of years, the Chacabuco snowfalls gave origin to these valleys covered with vegetation. It is estimated that it could be one of the coldest forests in the world.
  7. Dientes de Navarino, Tierra del Fuego: It is a destination in trend for lovers of Trekking. It starts in Puerto Williams and takes several days. It is carried out in summer by climatic conditions.
  8. Estaquilla beach, Puerto Montt: Uncharted nature with ravines, cliffs and green islets in the middle of the sea. Penguins can be seen all year round just 7 kilometers from the coast.
  9. Huerquehue National Park: Millenary Araucarias and endless trails through the Andes mountain range of the Araucanía Region. The park is one of the oldest protected wilderness areas in Chile. If you want to know it, you can do a hiking by the Huerquehue National Park.
  10. Cochamó, Los Lagos: It is the "Chilean Yosemite", a center for fans of climbing through its huge mountains of liparite stone. For those who practice trekking is a mandatory destination for its imposing views from the top of the hills. It is possible to observe part of the Andean Patagonia from the sea to the border with Argentina.

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