According to the same travelers, Chile is perfect for cycling, winning big opponents like France and the United States.

The CyclingAbout guys - one of the most important cycling tourism sites in the world - did a survey to find out the best country to cycle. Over the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and 62 other countries, the first place was taken by Chile, standing out for its landscapes, its climate, adventure tourism and nature.

By Faro Travel /

 "Visit Chile, because you will never feel more alive", "the scenery and the isolation is even better" or "this is where nature reigns" are some of the expressions that visitors highlighted the landscapes they enjoyed on their trip Pedaling for Chile.

If one of your dreams is to travel Chile by bicycle, we tell you that the same travelers who gave the throne to the country highlighted that the best places to go are the Sico Pass, the Puna de Atacama (both in Region II) Patagonia, the Region of the Lakes and the Austral Road.

Surprisingly, behind Chile stood out countries like India, France, China, Norway, Turkey, Australia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Argentina and the United States. So, if your next adventure will be on two wheels in one of these places, you must prepare physically in advance and acquire the necessary safety equipment, so that you can enjoy each place without mishaps.

Do you dare to pedal for Chile?