Valle Del Elqui is one of the most mystical places in Chile. It is ideal to go in search of healing and alternative therapies, has the clearest skies in the country and is where both the Chilean pisco and some strains of wine are manufactured. This is the perfect route to enjoy it.

[ING007]Valle del Elqui[/ ING007], located one hour from La Serena in the Coquimbo region, is the refuge of those seeking peace and tranquility. Characterized by its mystical energy, this valley is the perfect place to breathe fresh air and relax with alternative therapies and meditation.

This destination is also one of the most sought after by astronomers and lovers of the celestial vault, since it has one of the clearest skies in the world.

Here we propose the perfect route for you to make the most of the benefits of this magical place.


Get to know the city where the famous Chilean poet and Nobel Literature Prize winner Gabriela Mistral was born. Get to know the museum dedicated to its life and work, and stroll through the streets, tasting one of the handmade ice creams around the square.

2. Pisco Elqui

Continue to Pisco Elqui, the most touristic and picturesque town in the valley. Here you will find nightlife, restaurants, accommodation and local craft shops. You can have lunch, walk and prepare for the night out.

3. Visit one of the modern astronomical observatories

The [ING003]Mamalluca Observatory[/NG003] located 9 km from Vicuña, offers guided tours for the observation of celestial bodies. You can also visit the installations of the Tololo observatory, one of the best known and most modern in the country.

4. Cochiguaz, Estupa Budista and Rio Mágico

Continue to the end of the valley where you will find an Estupa Budista, which was built as a first step for a meditation center. After giving the respective returns to the Estupa, return by the same way you arrived and stop at Rio Mágico for a picnic on the banks of the river, under the shade of the willows.

5. Relax

After a day of walking, relax in one of the many spas with a massage, reiki, reflexology or meditation.

6. Alcohuaz by bicycle

Rent a bike in Alcohuaz and go down the road enjoying the landscape and the fresh air until you reach Pisco.

7. Try the Carmenere and see how Pisco is made

Visit a pisco plant to see the process of making this distillate of grapes, tasting and shopping. You can also visit the vineyards where the strains of Sirah and Carmenere of the area are produced.

Which of these activities do you like the most?

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