With up to four consecutive days off, the National Holidays 2023 in Chile represent an ideal opportunity to explore new destinations.

Chile's National Holidays represent a peak moment of pride and celebration in the country, evoking the rich history and cultural identity of the nation. Commemorating Chile's independence, these festivities not only pay homage to the past but also bring people together around a series of deeply-rooted traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

September 18th marks the core of the National Holidays, commemorating the day Chile proclaimed its independence in 1810. The spark of independence ignited in Santiago, where brave citizens took control and established their own government. This historical milestone paved the way for freedom and self-determination, which are now celebrated vibrantly with popular activities.

From northern to southern Chile, streets are filled with music, dances, traditional foods, and folkloric performances. "Ramadas," wooden structures decorated with vibrant colors, become centers of festivities where Chileans gather to enjoy the traditional "cueca" dance, the national dance, and savor typical dishes like empanadas, barbecue, and corn pie. Meanwhile, "fondas," temporary spaces set up for celebration, are essential meeting places during these festivities. Here, people have fun with traditional games like hopscotch and spinning tops, and enjoy typical drinks like "chicha" and "terremoto."

During the National Holidays of 2023, Chileans will have the opportunity to celebrate not only on the 18th and 19th of September. Starting from Saturday the 16th, connecting with the Monday and Tuesday holidays, everyone will be able to celebrate these commemorative dates for up to four days, providing a great opportunity to travel within the national territory and experience how the National Holidays are celebrated in different places.

5 destinations to visit during the National Holidays 2023

During the National Holidays, many tourist destinations in Chile offer unforgettable experiences that combine the celebration of independence with the exploration of the country's rich geography and culture. We detail them below, along with some tour recommendations:

Iquique: With its beautiful beaches and historical attractions, Iquique offers a unique experience. Visitors can enjoy patriotic parades, along with festivals and beach activities. A four-night program from September 15th to 19th with accommodation is the perfect option to celebrate the National Holidays in the "Land of Champions."

La Serena and Elqui Valley: These destinations captivate with their natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere. During the National Holidays, special events are held in La Serena's Plaza de Armas, and you can explore the Elqui Valley, famous for its pisco production. Both places can be explored through a three-night program to discover the best landscapes of the Coquimbo region.

Puerto Varas: Located by Lake Llanquihue with views of volcanoes, Puerto Varas is a magical setting for the festivities. Tourists can enjoy "fondas" and special activities while marveling at the landscapes. If you want to experience the National Holidays with a traditional German touch, a four-night tour will delight you. There's also a three-night option where you'll explore Osorno Volcano and Petrohué Falls.

Chiloé: Chiloé Island is a cultural treasure with its traditional architecture, wooden churches, and unique folklore. The National Holidays here include religious ceremonies and authentic celebrations. Discover Castro, Dalcahue, Muelle de las Almas, and more with a four-night tour.

Jahuel Hot Springs: For those seeking relaxation during the festivities, Jahuel Hot Springs offer a tranquil retreat surrounded by nature. It's the perfect place to enjoy thermal waters and escape the city bustle. A magnificent five-day, four-night program will take you to relax with the pure air and thermal waters of the location.

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