Clear skies 300 days a year. Heat, freshness and one or another ranchera song that still use battery on those old stereos. In the distance, the silence and energy that inspires the Elqui Valley, while our Chilean friends work the grape, harvest papayas and put their hands at the mercy of the earth to produce the best wines and the most delicious fruit that comes to Santiago.

But we will not talk here about what happens in the famous Elqui Valley, but the latest discovery that is attracting hundreds of tourists who come to test products that are born from the sun. They said there was a legend and almost no one believed that the sun would become the main oven to make bread, empanadas and exquisite Chilean dishes.

The solar restaurant Delicias del Sol located in Villaseca, run by 25 people mostly women, home owners and lovers of gastronomy. They opened the restaurant 9 years ago and today they have 18 solar ovens and two open-air pans.



They arrive at 7:00 in the morning and take the ovens to the terrace so that the sun does the remaining work. Two hours later you feel the highest temperature and put the food on the menu.

You can cook from eggs to Easter bread, but the specialty of the house is the cabrito al Jugo a la Caserola, casserole and a lot of pebre. Here there is no kneaded bread that is not eaten with the Chilean peber, spicy and strong.



Believe it or not, they barely come from Chile. They go straight to Pisco Elqui or get lost in the vineyards and do not know this place. Here they are waiting with a smile, with the music of the Chilean countryside, with the smell of bread that never misses, fresh salad and sweet fruit.

What more could you want?

Live the experience

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