Chile is one of the favorite places for astronomers from all over the world because of its clear skies, 300 days per year. But not only the scientist have the privilege to spot distant galaxies and nebulas, you can also do it! And this is the best guide to do so.

Chile has the privilege of owning one of the clearest skies in the whole planet. Whit 300  day per year of cloudless skies, it has become one of the most attractive destinations for those who enjoy the observation of stars, planets, constellations, galaxies, and nebulas. This is why the north area of Chile owns 40% of the infrastructure of astronomic observation of the world.

Here we show you the best astronomic tourism route. From north to south, we include famous observatories as well as secret spots to grab your own telescope and settle in with a warm cup of coffee.

1.Paniri Caur, Chiu Chiu

This observatory is the only one in the country that integrates astronomic observation with the Atacama people worldview. Located in Antofagasta Region, it also includes trips to small villages and cave paintings.

2.  Tropic of Capricorn milestone

Located half an hour from Antofagasta, is the milestone that marks the Tropic of Capricorn in a dark area, free of lights and for that, perfect to watch the stars.

3.  Paranal Observatory

If you want to know the  most productive observatory in the world, you should go to Paranal in Taltal, Antofagasta. The astronomers there, write more than one scientific document per day. That's a lot of work!

4. Valley of the Death, San Pedro de Atacama

Probably you can spot more than one celestial body nearly anywhere on the Atacama Desert. But if you need a guide, we recommend the Valley of the Death, where you'll enjoy stargazing from an extraordinary place.

5. Monturaqui Crater, Atacama Salt Flat

Can you imagine yourself counting the "moons" of Jupiter from a 34 meters deep crater made by a meteorite?  It sounds like a science fiction movie, right? but its possible. 20.0000 years ago, a meteorite impacted the south of the Atacama Flat with the power of two atomic bombs like the ones from Hiroshima. And now, you can go and stand up there to look at the stars.

6. Mamalluca observatory, Valle del Elqui

This famous observatory is only 9 kilometers away from Vicuña town in Valle del Elqui, well known for its clear skies and its energetic attributes.

7. Del Pangue Observatory

Near Tololo and Gemini, two of the most important observatories in the country is Del Pangue. We mention this one and not the others on this list, because Del Pangue accepts two hours night visits with specialized guides for tourists. Also, you can rent the place for a more personalized and exclusive observation.

8. Cochiguaz, Valle del Elqui

If you only want to take out your folding chair, put on some galactic music, and settle in with your own telescope, the end of Cochiguaz is a very good spot to do so.  Also, you can go to the road between Pisco Elqui and Horcón, it's an interstellar path!

In which of these dreamy places would you like to do some stargazing?

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