Can not you think of where to go this winter vacation? In GoChile we give you 3 alternatives to escape the cold in the north of Chile.

La Serena:

La Serena is one of the most attractive cities to escape the winter cold of these dates. You can stay there and turn the city as your operations center to go to:

  • Valle del Elqui to have a taste of different piscos, make astronomical tours or simply to enjoy the sun by the river.
  • ​Penguin of Humboldt National Reserve​, sail with dolphins, observe penguins and enjoy an island full of white sand bathed in turquoise waters. 
  • Totoralillo Beach, one of the most attractive in the fourth region, which besides being beautiful is one of the best for surfing and diving.


In the large north is the city ​​of Iquique, which with its pleasant climate, attracts visitors throughout the year. From Iquique you can go to:

  • Oasis of Pica: a prosperous oasis in the middle of the desert where lemon trees  and mango grow; there are hot springs; and there is the church of San Andrés, a site of pre-Hispanic archaeological interest.
  • Salar de Huasco: Located at almost 4000 meters above the level of the sea, this spectacular scenario of bofedales and yaretas, is the habitat of llamas, alpacas, flamingos, geese, and vizcachas.
  • Cavancha Beach: Riding skate, surfing, parasailing and sandboard in the dunes are some of the sports activities that can be done in the area.


​​Bahía Inglesa​​: looks like a Caribbean beach, but is in the north of Chile, and is one of the most beautiful in the country. In the area are also located other beautiful beaches such as La Virgen and Bahía Salado. 

-Pan de Azúcar: from cliffs and rocky beaches, ​Pan de Azúcar​  is ideal to rest, dive and observe the native fauna such as foxes, guanacos, and different types of reptiles.

-Nevado Tres Cruces National Park: in the border with Argentina, is this National Park of beautiful highland landscapes. Contact with nature is extremely direct in the Santa Rosa lagoon, in the Salar de Maricunga and in the second highest mountain in Chile, mountain  Tres Cruces.





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