On June 2, 2019 all eyes will be on our country, specifically in the Elqui Valley. Get to know this mythical place, find out what to do, how to get there and everything you need to know to get there.

On June 2nd, 2019 all eyes will be looking at our Elqui Valley. The solar eclipse predicted for this date is considered by thousands of people the most important event this year. And the Coquimbo region will be the best place in the world to observe it.

We already told you the details about the total solar eclipse , and now we are going to tell you about this mystical valley, its secrets, its star places, what to do there and all you need to know to visit it.

Elqui Valley, located in the region of Coquimbo very close to the mountain range, is for foreigners, one of the best-kept secrets in Chile. Although this will probably change after the solar eclipse of 2019.

This mystic destination considered an energy pole of the planet, is and has been the home of artists, Tibetan monks, astronomers, healers, UFO seekers and Elkinos dedicated to the production of Pisco.

64 kilometers far from La Serena, there is Vicuña, the most visited town of Elqui and for many of them, the "base camp" to travel along the valley. Here was born the poet and Nobel Prize for Literature, Gabriela Mistral. It is also the ideal place to taste the typical gastronomy of the area in signature restaurants or local "picadas”.

The enormous mountains that surround the valley and that culminate in the Elqui river are extremely impressive. The path is always accompanied by vineyards and sun until the end of Cochiguaz, where a Buddhist stupa was built and where you can do trekking, horseback riding, and bicycle rides.

The small town of Pisco Elqui is another of the great attractions of the area. From quaint colorful doors, restaurants, artisan gelato shops and local products, it is the perfect destination to buy beautiful stones, homemade delicacies and other typical handcrafts of the area. Here it is easy to find tourist agencies that offer archaeological tours, astronomical tours, visits to the pisco factories and adventure tourism.

What to do in Valle del Elqui?

If you are looking for rest and connection with nature, we recommend you to stay at the riverside and visit one of the many Spas of alternative therapies such as reiki, meditation, and massages.

For the lovers of a starry sky, we recommend visiting the Alfa Aldea observatory, or the Mamalluca observatory where it is possible to appreciate the Milky Way, nebulae, constellations and planets among other celestial bodies.

Those who like outdoor sports will be delighted with the bike rides, trekking, and horseback riding through the mountains.

And those with refined palate will be able to taste the best Syrah and Carmenére wines of the country, visit their processing plants and learn about the production of piscos such as Mistral, Capel, Alto del Carmen, and Los Nichos.

How to get to Valle del Elqui?

From Santiago, you can take a plane to La Serena and then a bus to the Valley.

A second option from Santiago is to travel by car on route 5 north to La Serena and then continue to the valley on Route 41.

What is the weather like in Elqui Valley?

The Elqui Valley enjoys clear skies and a very pleasant climate throughout the year. In winter during the day the temperatures are delicious, but at night the temperature can go down to 0 degrees. In summer it is important to take care of the sun by applying sunscreen.








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