Trekking on Exploradores Glacier is one of the most exciting experiences you can have in Patagonia, featuring diverse landscapes, majestic views, and unforgettable panoramas.

If you're planning to explore the majestic Austral Highway in Chile, Valle Exploradores is a place you can't miss. This stunning destination is located near the town of Puerto Río Tranquilo and is known for its spectacular Exploradores Glacier, the most accessible glacier close to the route. In this post, we'll take you on a journey through the valley, its location, and, of course, the exciting experience of trekking on the glacier.

Location, route to the glacier, and trekking experience

Valle Exploradores is located in the Aysén region in Chilean Patagonia. To get there, you should depart from the town of Puerto Río Tranquilo. Here, you can use your own vehicle or rent one to drive on the gravel road X-728. Along this picturesque journey of approximately 50 kilometers, you'll be amazed by the beauty of Patagonia, with the imposing Mount San Valentín as your backdrop. As you progress, you'll pass by the beautiful Bayo and Tranquilo lakes and have the opportunity to admire the impressive Nutria Waterfall.

Once you reach the refuge, you'll need to enter the Laguna San Rafael National Park. From here, a well-marked trail will lead you through the forest and, after a steep ascent, you'll reach the viewpoint of Exploradores Glacier. The trail is not very challenging and doesn't require special equipment, just good trekking boots. Moreover, it features bridges to facilitate the journey and restroom facilities at the viewpoint.

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Glacier Exploradores Excursion

Exploradores Glacier is a true natural gem, and the experience of walking on it is unforgettable. The moderately challenging trek starts at the Valle Exploradores refuge, and after a brief induction talk and equipment preparation, you'll venture into an evergreen forest where you can observe waterfalls, native flora, and fauna. As you ascend the glacier's frontal moraine, you'll witness breathtaking panoramic views of Exploradores Glacier, Mount San Valentín, and Bayo Lake.

After a well-deserved break, you'll descend on the stone and sand-covered moraine to reach the clean ice in about two hours. Here, you can enjoy a snack before donning your equipment and safely walking on the bright white ice. During this part of the excursion, you'll get to explore ice caves and tunnels, listen to the glacier's creaking, and marvel at the deep blue of its crystal-clear waters.

If you want to experience all the wonders of Valle Exploradores, we recommend this exciting Glacier Exploradores trekking tour. This adventure will take you through the stunning Patagonian landscape, allow you to walk on a real glacier, and provide a unique connection with nature, ice caves, and tunnels. This excursion includes round-trip transportation from your hotel in Puerto Río Tranquilo, admission to Laguna San Rafael National Park, crampons and gaiters for trekking, snacks, a box lunch, and the assistance of a specialized guide.

Additionally, if you'd like to explore other wonders of Patagonia, from Puerto Río Tranquilo, you can venture to the majestic Marble Caves. Come and explore these natural caverns on a 12-hour boat tour on the waters of General Carrera Lake with this fantastic tour, where you'll have the privilege of witnessing this natural sanctuary in Chile.

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