You tell me: what country in the world has so many kilometers of beach, sun and sea? Chile has become a privileged destination for its diversity that stands out not only for its Andes mountain range, national parks and reserves, but for an extensive coast where the waters of the Pacific Ocean arrive.

Looking on the world map, I didn’t find anything similar to Chile. It seems that our country, which is barely on the map because it is so thin, is from the "richest" countries in diversity of landscapes. We have already talked about the Atacama Desert, Patagonia and the Northern Ice Fields, but we had forgotten one of the most important attributes, our Pacific coast.

We have what many countries dream of having: beaches for adventure sports, diving places, uninhabited bays, calm waters and huge waves for surf lovers. The beaches are characterized by their huge spaces of sand (usually dark), miles of walking and infinite sectors for adventure sports.

In the central and northern part of Chile you will find beaches with lighter sand. The beaches of Arica and Iquique stand out, as well as sporting events in the summer, brand activations with music. Iquique has a wide waterfront where people walk, ride bikes, skate or rollerblades along the main beach.

In the central zone of Chile are the famous beaches of Pichilemu, Algarrobo, Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, Reñaca, Concón, Maitencillo, Zapallar (among others). Here you will find lots of nightlife, parties, musical and cultural events are organized. You will find restaurants and outdoor bars with a wide range of seafood. If you want to make a quick getaway we recommend this travel program that includes Santiago and the beaches of Valparaíso.

If we go further south, there is the Ruta de las Caletas del Maule, which goes from Bucalemu to Buchupureo approximately. They are characterized by having been victims of the February 2007 tsunami, which after their reconstruction gave life to fishing coves and restaurants with delicious dishes typical of the area.

Further south we find wonderful beaches but something more unknown. The sea is getting restless as we move to the southernmost area of ​​Chile except for some bays and cliffs suitable for swimming. Estaquilla, Huar Huar and Llico Bajo in the Los Lagos Region are the most geographically attractive and at the same time almost unexplored beaches.

If you are in Patagonia, the coast becomes completely fragmented and you will witness the fjords and channels where you can see hanging glaciers and bays. Forget about surfing, forget diving ... Here we recommend you to explore the Pacific Ocean above a cruise that takes you to know the best places in the southernmost area of ​​the world. Do you want to live this experience?

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