After months of evaluations, the reopening of the tourist route to the Exploradores Glacier and its acclaimed ice trekking has been announced.

The majestic Exploradores Glacier, located in the heart of the San Rafael Lagoon National Park in the Aysén region of Chile, is ready to welcome adventurous souls once again after a brief forced hiatus. The reopening of the tourist route has been recently announced, but with a notable twist: increased requirements and a revised route.

The decision to temporarily close access to the Exploradores Glacier was made after a significant ice detachment on October 7th, which created cracks and posed a threat to the safety of glacier trekking. Then, on October 31, 2023, authorities from the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF), the General Directorate of Water (DGA) of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), and the Regional Ministry of Health (SEREMI) of Aysén announced the definitive closure due to the progressive disintegration of the glacier and the appearance of cracks that complicated the safety of visitors.

However, after weeks of technical evaluation and public-private efforts, a new route that meets the necessary safety standards for nature enthusiasts to enjoy this natural wonder again has been determined. CONAF authorized glacier trekking activities starting February 2nd, through the newly traced Glaciers Route.

The ice trek is now away from the calving zone

The new route, presented by the Hielo Norte Trade Association (AG Hielo Norte), moves away from the detachment area, ensuring the safety of visitors. Although the Ice Trek on the Exploradores Glacier is now operational again, it now features a higher difficulty level. The total trek extends to 7.30 hours instead of the previous 6.30 hours, and a minimum age of 18 has been established.

Requirements for those willing to embark on this journey have increased. Visitors must meet strict criteria, including signing a Liability Form upon entry. Entry is allowed only between 07:30 and 08:00, with departure before 16:00.

Guides, responsible for ensuring the safety of visitors, must have equipment in perfect condition and communicate every 30 minutes with park ranger personnel. Additionally, the use of In Reach, a GPS-type device that allows real-time location tracking, is recommended.

The excitement of exploring the Exploradores Glacier returns, but with renewed challenges and additional measures to ensure the safety of adventurers. With these new precautions and the revised route, the glacier looks forward to welcoming those seeking a unique experience amidst the stunning natural beauty of the Aysén region.

Adventure awaits those willing to face the challenges of the ice, and you could be one of the adventurers. If you want to be part of this glacier experience, you can contact or book through this link.

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