Do you want to experience one of the most exciting experiences of Aysén Patagonia? If you come to the Austral Highway in search of a destination, you can’t miss the San Rafael lagoon.

For many years, the Laguna San Rafael National Park has been a classic destination for the Patagonian navigations that leave from Puerto Chacabuco.

The tour includes native forest landscapes that merge into the sea, panoramic views of the Aysén Fjord and Canal Costa ... then enter the Elephants Estuary and arrive at the San Rafael Lagoon where you can see large glaciers.

For the lovers of the flora and fauna you can appreciate a great diversity of species like the chungungos, sea elephants, dolphines and wolves of a hair. In addition to many birds that hide in the deepest of the vegetation that includes trees, shrubs and a great variety of Patagonian herbs.

For those who practice trekking, there is a trail that reaches 5,500 meters in length. You can also climb, mountaineering and fishing.

If you want to make this trip an experience, there is the Skorpios cruise that sails along the Los Chonos Route. It leaves from Puerto Montt and during 6 days you will sail through the channels and fjords of the Chilean Patagonia until arriving at the San Rafael Lagoon and return to the starting destination visiting also the Island of Chiloé.

There is also the catamaran that leaves from Loberías del Sur (Puerto Chacabuco). You will sail for 5 hours through the waters of the San Rafael lagoon and with breathtaking landscapes that blend the white of the glaciers and the green of the vegetation. This experience continues in zodiac, where all the travelers can approach about 300 meters of the massif of ice. ¿Do you want to live this adventure?

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