Discover Patagonia through the sea.

If you have ever fantasized about knowing the Norwegian fjords that appear in the series "Vikings", then you need to visit the epic canals of the extreme south of Chile.

There in the austral south, lush fjords, uninhabited islands, imposing mountains, steep cliffs, canals and a lot of wind are mixed in exuberant ways. The climatic conditions are extreme and the landscapes are legendary. Worthy of a "Game of Thrones" chapter, these breathtaking views can only be appreciated in one way: from the water.

To get to these spectacular places you have to take a ship from Puerto Natales. The  cruise Skorpios III  makes a tour between the Amalia Glacier, the El Brujo Glacier, and the Fernando, as well as the Capital Constantino and Alipio glaciers, which are reached through the Calvo Fjord.

In four days, this ship allows the amazing view to the fjord of the Mountains and its four hanging glaciers, to the incredible mountainous landscapes of the Alsina glacier and to the Bernal glacier where it is possible to disembark to walk between ice and forest.

In one of its routes, the Skorpios IIIarrives at Angostura White, where the most adventurous ones climb into small exploration boats to explore the inspiring islands and rocks.

A unique experience without a doubt.

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