The final corner of the world awaits you for you to, aboard the Stella Australis, tour through the most beautiful parks and glaciers of Tierra del Fuego. You’ll sail and walk through the fjords and finish the experience at the beautiful city of Punta Arenas.

Day 1: Ushuaia

We will wait for you between 10 and 5 o'clock in San Martín 409, Ushuaia, to check in and board at 6 p.m. Once aboard Stella Australis there will be a welcome cocktail where you will meet the captain and the crew. Then we will sail south to cross some fueguine channels, like the Beagle, crossing the Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

Day 2: Cabo de Hornos / Wulaia Bay

We’ll start the day by sailing through the Murray Canal and the Nassau Bay to the Cabo de Hornos National Park, where we’ll disembark if the weather lets us. If that’s the case, we’ll walk until reaching the lookout through the forest in which lengas, coihues, canelos and ferns grow.

By the afternoon we’ll reach Wulaia Bay, where we’ll disembark to walk the Magellan Forest towards the lookout, to enjoy a spectacular view like nothing else.

Day 3: Pia Glacier / Garibaldi Glacier

The day starts touring the northeast side of the Beagle canal, that’ll take us to the Pia fjord. We’ll disembark on it to walk towards the lookout that will let us appreciate the beauty of its glacial.

By the afternoon we’ll sail to the Garibaldi fjord, where we’ll walk through the cold Patagonian jungle until reaching the base of an impressive cascade of glacial origin.

Day 4: Piloto and Nena Glacial / Agostini womb / Aguila glacial

Aboard our ship we’ll sail through the Cockburn canal to disembark on Zodiac boats that’ll take us to the Alakalufe fjord. On it we’ll see beautiful cascades, but the most impressive will be the views of the Piloto and Nena glacier.

Later we’ll enter the Angostini’s womb to admire the glacial that descends from the center of the Darwin’s mountain range. Then we’ll disembark of the zodiac boats to walk through the Patagonian woods until reaching the Aguila glacial.

Day 5: Isla Magdalena / Punta Arenas

If the weather allows it, at dawn we’ll disembark on Magdalena Island to walk towards the lighthouse, from where we’ll see a huge colony of Magellan penguins. After that, we’ll head back to the boat to head towards Punta Arenas, where we’ll arrive at 11:30 AM.

  • 4 nights aboard the Stella Australis Cruise at the cabin of choice
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner aboard
  • Open-bar on available schedule
  • On-land excursions
  • On-board entertaining
NOT Included
  • Anything that has not been mentioned previously
  • Boarding fees. Ushuaia - Punta Arenas leg: USD $105 (Per passenger)


Do not bring a selfie-stick to Magdalena Island, for its use will be forbidden.

You can hire the round trip cruise, write us to quote the values


*The value of port fees may be modified according to adjustments made by the authority in a timely manner.