Punta Arenas is considered the gateway to southern Patagonia, the southernmost area of Chile, located between the two largest reserves in the world of freshwater, Antarctica and South Ice Fields.

If you want to tour the most southern part of Chile, Punta Arenas is the city that marks almost the end point of our country and where all tours start. It has long been considered the capital of Southern Patagonia.

The history of Punta Arenas takes on its importance since it was the main port that united the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic before the opening of the Panama Canal (1914). Today, Punta Arenas aspires to become the gateway of the white continent, Antarctica and the step for future researchers and scientists. An example of this is the early construction of the Intell International Antarctic Center and the University of Magallanes which will house about 500 scientists.

Culture and Tourism

Every year in the month of July, Punta Arenas performs the Winter Carnival, a party full of colors, music and dances. The streets are transformed into true walkways of floats, murgas and parades, being considered the biggest austral party of the Patagonia. At this time, many tourists come from Ushuaia, Rio Grande and Río Gallegos to witness this show.

From Punta Arenas there are different tours to explore the landscapes of Patagonia. If you are a fan of penguins and photography, we recommend taking the excursion to Magdalena Island, where you will sail through the Strait of Magellan until you see hundreds of penguins. Another full day tour is the Penguin King Park.

But if you want to venture in with an experience by the channels of Tierra del Fuego, we recommend a cruise, where you will know the best points of the southernmost part of the continent and travel Tierra del Fuego from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia or vice versa.


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