The new El Yeso - Laguna Negra Park offers a natural space with a unique panorama, enhancing people's awareness of water conservation.

In an exciting announcement made during the recent commemoration of the International Mountain Day, Aguas Andinas, in collaboration with Corfo and Parque Cordillera, revealed the opening of its new project: El Yeso - Laguna Negra Park. This initiative, supported by a public-private partnership, provides adventurers with the opportunity to explore the high mountains in a safe and regulated manner, immersing themselves in a unique experience that covers 15.000 hectares of pure nature.

The origin of this new park dates back 150 years, when the intendant of Santiago at that time, Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna, led an exploration expedition to the Andes mountain range. During this journey, engineer Ernesto Ansart, the mastermind behind the first engineering project of the current El Yeso Reservoir, joined the expedition. This trip laid the foundations for the water reserves that now supply the capital of Chile.

Closer to the present, in 2012, the Mountain Diagnosis of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) determined that 63.8% of the national territory is in mountainous areas. These ecosystems are vital for life on Earth, hosting one of the most essential elements, water. Additionally, they are home to rich biodiversity and sacred places for indigenous peoples and local communities.

With the aim of preserving this natural treasure, the El Yeso - Laguna Negra Park was announced. This project aligns with Aguas Andinas' climate change strategy called Biociudad, which seeks to promote education about water conservation and the impact of the climate emergency on glaciers and other sources.

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What you need to know about the new El Yeso - Laguna Negra Park

Managed by Parque Cordillera, the new park joins the 10 already managed in the region. With over 15.000 hectares of extension, it offers a 13.5-kilometer trekking trail that allows visitors to explore the reservoir and Laguna Negra. Additionally, it has amenities such as parking lots, viewpoints, and other elements to ensure a complete experience.

Deborah Raby, executive director of Parque Cordillera, celebrated the opening of the facility: "I have full confidence in this project; we have all the wills aligned, and we must continue working, as I am convinced it will be a total success."

In its first stage, access to the park will be limited, with invitations for those who register in advance on the website This measure not only ensures the safety of visitors and critical infrastructure but also gives the community the opportunity to enjoy a unique natural space, fostering awareness of the importance of water conservation.

El Yeso - Laguna Negra Park not only represents a gateway to a new adventure in the high mountains but also a commitment to the preservation of our environment. This initiative not only allows visitors to connect with the majesty of nature but also promotes awareness of the importance of conserving the valuable resource of water.

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