San Pedro de Atacama surprises as the best romantic destination

Chile is constantly chosen by foreign tourists for its varied geography and possibilities that offers. Walking through mountains and lakes at the end of the world, rafting on the most intense rapids, surfing the famous Pichilemu waves and climbing the Andes mountain range are the adventures that have put our country in the eyes of travelers when they look for adrenaline. And for the fourth consecutive time, the "Óscar prize of tourism" have recognized this wonderful characteristic of Chile.

The World Travel Awards chose for the fourth time in a row, our country as the most important adventure travel destination in South America, surpassing Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Uruguay.

But this was not the only award we received. On the one hand, the ​Atacama desert  took recognition to the most romantic destination in the region, leaving behind classics such as Cartagena de Indias, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires.

Valparaíso, on the other hand, received the award for the Best Cruise Terminal for the second time, after having obtained it in 2016.

The recognized awards handed out since 1993, highlight the excellence of the tourism industry and reward the best exponents. Their winners receive prestige thus becoming a reference in their categories. Undoubtedly the title of four-time champion in adventure tourism received by Chile will have excellent repercussions in this type of tourism next year.

What is your favorite destination in Chile for adventure tourism?


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