Why Socaire is considered the icon people of San Pedro de Atacama? Here we will tell you its history, tradition and culture.

On the road that connects San Pedro de Atacama with the Altiplanic lagoons (Miscanti and Miñiques) you will find the famous village of Socaire in the middle of a desert landscape. Silent and touching are two attributes that characterize this famous village of the Chilean highlands.

There are about 400 people living in Socaire and you will see some terraces of crops and plantations of fruit trees, quinoa, alfalfa and corn. Many of the tours that go to Piedras Rojas and the Altiplánicas Lagoons (Miscanti and Miñiques) stop for lunch in this place, since the gastronomy represents the typical dish of the Atacama desert.

Its main attractive is the church of Socaire, that is historical patrimony. It is built with adobe walls whose height does not exceed 4 meters. Chañar and cactus beams were also used for their construction. We recommend you enter as it houses articles and works typical of the colonial period. The most important day of the year is the 24th of August, as they celebrate the day of their patron saint, San Bartolomé with dances and traditional music.

Also on October 14 they celebrate the traditional party of the Limpia de Canales. The objective is the community work of removing the debris and debris that have been accumulating in the earth that prevent the water from passing. It is a party in which the whole town participates with music and dances.

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