We went to one of the pukara more careless of the North of Chile. It's Turi, a small town of the Atacama culture dating from 1250.

Lost in Andean Atacama. Completely disoriented the road led us to Turi, a village of stone in the middle of a million colors natural pastures and wetlands. We even perceive the presence of some flamingos feeding in the waters.

Turi is located in the Alto of the Loa, región de Antofagasta, a 3,000 meters above sea level and you can visit the fortress Pukará de Turi which is a residential and ceremonial of the Atacama culture, dating from the year 1250.

It is a national monument, but is helpless and there are people who come to the site to remove stones and some items that can still be found. We are talking about the biggest strength of the Atacama culture! 650 buildings, straight streets and houses built of volcanic stone. Festivals and religious ceremonies until the arrival of the Spaniards were performed. Various theories explain the atacameños tore off to hide in the mountains and this village was completely abandoned.