These are the most exquisite hot springs in Chile to disconnect from the routine and enjoy a few hours of relaxation.

Sometimes the frenetic lifestyle we have in the city needs to be complemented with moments of silence, relaxation and peace in the nature. An ideal plan in order to do that is to visit hot springs. Both in the north and in the south of Chile we have spectacular natural pools of water over 30ºC with perfect medicinal properties to disconnect from the routine and enjoy a few hours of well-being. Then the 10 best hot springs in Chile are:

  1. Termas de Polloquere

        Its waters of more than 60ºC, its medicinal properties and its hypnotizing turquoise color make the Polloquere Hot Springs one of the best places in Chile to relax and get disconnected from the routine. Located in the surrealist Salar de Suriré within the Lauca National Park, they are home to flamingos, ñandúes, vicuñas, alpacas and llamas, ideal for lovers of Chilean fauna and photography.

Although they have camping and picnic sites, most take full day excursions that depart from the city of Arica or the town of Putre.  

  1. Puritama Hot Springs

Located in the middle of the desert in San Pedro de Atacama, the Puritama Hot Springs have gained popularity among national and international visitors for their natural beauty. Its waters of up to 33ºC are born in the Andes Mountains, take their temperature from volcanic materials and flow to the surface in stepped pools and small waterfalls. Located just 30 km away from San Pedro, they have become one of the must-see destinations in the Chilean highlands.

  1. Laguna Verde Hot Springs

Surrounded by huge snow-capped peaks and spectacular desert landscapes, the Laguna Verde Hot Springs are perfect for escaping from civilization. Its lack of tourist infrastructure and its isolated location within the Tres Cruces National Park, make this site one of the most remote in Chile to enjoy natural hot springs. The pools of hot water emerge at the shores of the lake of high salinity known as Laguna Verde, which is why one of the most entertaining experiences of the place is to combine the bath in the cold waters of the lake with the hot thermal waters.

  1. Termas el Plomo

Located in the Cajón del Maipo in the Metropolitan region, the hot springs are natural pools of water that flow from the San José volcano. To give a touch to the experience it is possible to do trekking to the Los Patos lagoon and then relax in the warm thermal waters.

  1. Termas de Coñaripe

The infrastructure of Termas de Coñaripe is known for its high quality. The cozy hotel of the same name, the spa and its gardens make the perfect combination with the four thermal pools located within the magnificent Villarica National Park on the shores of Lake Pellaifa. The hotel offers excursions and horseback riding guided by the trails of the rainforest characteristic of southern Chile.

  1. Termas de Puyuhuapi

Disconnection and adventure is what you can experience in Puyuhuapi Lodge and Spa, a luxury complex that offers comfortable accommodation and thermal waters on the shores of a fjord in the jungle forests of the Carretera Austral. Considered by many as one of the best hot springs in the South American continent, they are located in a silent bay ideal to connect with nature and find well-being.

  1. Termas de Malalcahuello

The Malalcahuello Thermal Hotel & Spa is a 5-star resort designed to rest. Its indoor thermal pool, its restaurant, its cabins and its recommended massages make it the ideal place for rest. It is located 120 km far from Temuco and 1.5km far from Malalcahuello.

  1. Geometric Hot Springs

Immersed in the Villarica Sur National Park, the Geometric Hot Springs have 20 pools from more than seventy thermal water sources that sprout at 80º C. Its famous red footbridges, designed by the distinguished architect Germán del Sol, combine in a harmonious with the nature of the native forest and the dramatic ravine that characterizes the area. To get there you have to cross the park between Coñaripe and Pucón until kilometer 16.

  1. Termas de Huife

Surrounded by exuberant native forests on the banks of the Liucura River in the Araucanía region, these delicious hot springs are located in three outdoor pools. Its location allows you to enjoy the adrenaline-like experience of bathing in the waters of the river with the high temperatures of the pools. The first level infrastructure of the Hotel & Termas Huife, includes spa, restaurant and a dream environment for walking.

  1. Termas de Cachuelmó

Surrounded by pristine nature, the natural pools of Cachuelmó are located in the fjords of Comau and Cachuelmó within the Pumalín Park. The contact with nature in these pools is the main element, which is intensified by its absence of infrastructure. To get there you have to navigate with organized trips because it is a difficult place to access.

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