5 excursions you cannot miss if you go to San Pedro de Atacama for the second time.

San Pedro de Atacama is characterized by its breathtaking landscapes, 360 ° panoramas that give visibility to snowy volcanoes and salares in the middle of the most arid desert in the world. However, there are excursions that are trend and are giving to talk. For all who travel by opening routes, knowing what no one knows, we recommend excursions that cannot be missed:

By GoChile

  1. Valle del Arco Iris: #Must in San Pedro de Atacama. It is definitely an immense Valley where the hills contain multiple minerals that make their hills colored. One tip: Ask for the tour to reach the end of the valley. Although the colors are perceived at the beginning of the road, to enter the valley is incredible and you see impressive geological formations.
  2. Alto El Loa: A destination in trend located 140 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama. It is not a highly sought after tour, but it is the essence of the Andean peoples, their culture, traditions, terraced crops and archaeological remains that date back to the 12th century. Alto el Loa has salares, plantations, cactus valleys, stone constructions, petroglyphs and much more! A tour for culture lovers.
  3. Kari: It is an excursion that depends on the weather conditions. Many times during the winter it is closed. It is a trekking of about 3 hours, by a path between hills where you can witness the geological formations of the mountain range of the Salt. In some places you can see the salt impregnated in the walls of the hills, or in the way. Although it is far from San Pedro de Atacama, it is an excursion that you cannot miss.
  4. Guatín or Valley of the Cactus: For the lovers of the nature, it is possible to make a walk by this sector where the Puritama river is united with the Purifica river. You can see cactus that have more than 7 meters of height and a vegetation of the high plateau. It is advisable to do this excursion during the morning.
  5. Balloon: If you have a little more budget, traveling the heights of the Atacama desert in a hot air balloon is a must. You can see the valley of the moon, the Domeyko mountain range, the salt mountain range and all the volcanoes, lagoons and the Salar de Atacama with its many colors.

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