Good news for all Chileans. Territories are expanded for the protection of flora and fauna. Routes and paths will be opened to appreciate the natural spectacle offered by the Chilean Patagonia in the Region of Aysén.

We can enjoy of good news...

By GoChile

In our Patagonia inhabits the huemul, condor, guanaco, ñandú and many others that are in state of conservation and protection of its species. Many of them have been running out of land for human exploitation...

But this panorama is changing thanks to the help of the Tomkins Foundation which contributed a large amount of hectares for the expansion and creation of new national parks.

This network contemplates a private contribution of more than 400 thousand hectares and the fiscal of more than 900 thousand, reaching a total of approximately 1,350,000 hectares.

Three new national parks will be created: Pumalín, Melimoyu and Patagonia, and three existing national parks will be expanded: Hornopirén, Corcovado and Isla Magdalena. It will also expand the Alacalufes National Reserve and the Cerro Castillo National Reserve.

In addition to promoting tourism, this initiative includes a significant extension for the protection of animals, such as the Huemul, where its habitat increases by 200 thousand hectares. It will also protect a large number of plant species, and wetlands that are direct food for so many animals.

To take into account, it adds to national protection:

590 thousand hectares of native forest.

107 thousand hectares of grassland and vegetation

85 thousand hectares of glaciers

74 thousand hectares of wetlands

With this, we can rest. Soon we will witness enormous territories of flora and fauna that will be completely protected. It will open paths and trails for all ages and we will witness a lively, awakening Patagonia ... a cold jungle in the southernmost country in the world that slowly opens its doors to show the world this natural spectacle.