Aysén Patagonia is the region of Chile that everyone wants to know. It is and will continue to be a destination for adventurers, for those seeking to disconnect and live different experiences on the Carretera Austral.

Here we will tell you why Aysén Patagonia will become the best trip of your life.

Geography: You will hardly find another place in Chile with the geography that the Region of Aysén has. On the border with Argentina you will notice a gentle steppe and pampas. You can visit typical Estancias of Patagonia and know the stories of the gauchos with a country barbecue. If you approach the sea, you will see how the colors change and the evergreen forest will appear, snowy mountains, lakes, lagoons and crystalline rivers. Here the adventure begins, rafting on the Baker River, kayaking on the General Carrera Lake, visit to the glaciers of Campos de Hielo Norte. The fragmented coastline that gives life to the channels and fjords of Patagonia with unexplored and pristine islands will appear.

In a single day you will have the four seasons of the year, and in a few kilometers of territory the most adverse landscapes between the pampas and the coldest jungles in the world. 

Outdoor experiences: Aysén Patagonia has such an extensive territory and its geography is so diverse that you can perform all kinds of outdoor experiences. If you like to walk, you will find trekking routes anywhere with incredible landscapes. If you are a route opener do not stop doing the [PAT001] circuit in Cerro Castillo [/ PAT001]. If you are a fishing lover, the Region of Aysén gives us rivers, lagoons, and water streams where hundreds of fish live, especially brown trout and salmon. If you like horseback riding, you will find horseback riding in Estancias and fields of Patagonia with true gauchos whose traditions remain intact.

If you like mountain biking or kayaking, you can do it anywhere in the region. The Carretera Austral is positioning itself as the destination that you cannot miss and visit at least once in your life.

Local communities: Small towns, hamlets and houses in the middle of nowhere. Wherever you are, you will meet people who open their doors to receive travelers. The people who live in Aysén know the history of Patagonia and keep their customs alive. Here you will never feel alone. You can visit Chile Chico, Puerto Aysén (very special people!), Puerto Guardal, Puerto Bertrand and many others ...

Unexplored: More than 80% of the territory of Patagonia is pristine and unexplored. Do you want to be a route opener and see what nobody has ever seen? The Carretera Austral will tell you its secrets, only if you open yourself to live a different experience.

Total disconnection: Do you really want to have a real vacation? You are in Chilean Patagonia, in the southernmost territory of the world ... you will only have a cell phone signal in some places and in others you will find yourself face to face with nature.

It is real, you are where you always wanted to be and with the most difficult person to find: You yourself.


Live the experience

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    Travel package Carretera Austral4 Days

    For four days, you will discover the best of Aysén. We will sail on Catamaranes del Sur through Laguna San Rafael and explore the attractions…

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