Some say that the southern part of the Carretera Austral is by far the wildest part of Chile. Is it a myth or a reality? We invite you to visit...

The world's coldest forests, the world's largest fjords and canals, and the largest glaciers are part of the Southern Austral Highway. Here we will name your attributes and the reasons to meet them on a tour or excursion.

1. Simpson River National Reserve: It is characterized by its rugged relief and high peaks, which gives life to valleys, ravines and cliffs. If you like adventure tourism, you can practice trekking, hiking, rafting and fishing.

2. Cerro Castillo National Reserve: It is the destination in #tends for those who practice trekking. It is characterized not only by its extraordinary wild nature, but by its archeology that preserves the heritage of Selknam culture. part of this experience!

3. National Reserve General Carrera Lake: It contains the largest lake in Chile and one of the most famous beauties of our country: The marble cathedrals. Without a doubt, it is a destination that you cannot miss under any circumstances if you go to the Carretera Austral.

4. Jeinimeni Lake National Reserve: Unknown for many and the best of the Region of Aysen for those who know it. It impresses its forests loaded with vegetation, the blue color of Lake Jeinimeni and its geological formations. A perfect mix for nature lovers.

5. Laguna San Rafael National Park: We recommend you to sail through the park on a catamaran that starts in Puerto Chacabuco. You will get to know the native forests that melt in the sea and the famous glacier San Rafael with its glaciers.

6. Bernardo O'Higgins National Park: This national park shares territory between Aysén Patagonia and Magallanes. Its main attraction is the navigation to know the glacier Balmaceda and Serrano in a full day that begins from Puerto Natales.

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