In this article we will tell you about the traditional festivals that you cannot miss if you travel to Chile.

In Chile you will meet the people you always wanted to meet. The diversity of landscapes opens a world inhabited by different cultures, where opposite worlds converge (from the Atacama highlands to Patagonia), where the sensible becomes real. Come and see the traditional festivals of our country! ... A mix of music, cuisine and parties.

- September 18: Possibly the most important traditional day in Chile, where National Independence is celebrated (September 18). Chilean fondas, ramadas and games are organized with empanadas, red wine, anticuchos and traditional dances.

- Carnaval del Sol - Arica: The International Andean Carnival with the Force of the Sun takes place every year at the end of January and gathers more than 160 thousand people who come to enjoy this visual spectacle. It is considered the third most important carnival in Latin America and has music, traditional dances and colorful costumes.

- Harvest Festival - Central Zone: It is a party in honor of Chilean wine where crops, fertile land and productivity are celebrated. They take place between March and April in the Chilean countryside with dances on grapes, music and typical Chilean cuisine.

- Fiesta La Tirana - Region of Tarapacá: It is a religious celebration in honor of the Virgen del Carmen and is celebrated on July 16 of each year in the village La Tirana. The streets are filled with Andean music and traditional dances. Do you want to do a tour to know La Tirana?

- Fiesta de la Virgen de Andacollo: In the month of December the Virgin of Andacollo is celebrated in the Region of Coquimbo, which is venerated as the queen of copper, the most important natural resource of our country. It is considered one of the most multitudinous and the most important festivals in Chile.

- Fiesta Tapati -Rapa Nui, Easter Island: If you want to visit the most untamed island in the world, let your trip be in February to participate in the Tapati party where you will see art in movement, painted bodies and youth swimming competitions. Traditional activities take the island and make it an impressive cultural focus. Come to Easter Island with our travel program and get to know the best of Rapa Nui.

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