Arica is the city of eternal spring. At the time you go there will probably be sun and beach, water sports and much more, but for those looking to get out of the city, the Andean highlands is one of the most moving landscapes you can find in Chile and you will find tours and excursions to visit.

We tell you what to do in this corner of the world and what excursions you cannot miss.

1. Arica: The same city is a very important historical pole for Chile, since in its coasts was carried out the famous War of the Pacific. You can visit in a tour the Morro de Arica, one of the most emblematic places and the museum with collections of war. You can also visit in the historic district where you will see elegant constructions of the twentieth century; some of them designed by Eiffel, who designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

2. Beaches: It's not just the waves, but the diversity of activities you can practice. Even, a recommended activity is to fly in paragliding over Laya La Lisera, considered one of the most beautiful in Arica, where you can also snorkel in its pools of clear water.

3. San Miguel de Azapa: It is an archeological and anthropological museum with different collections of pre-Columbian cultures, petroglyphs and chinchorro mummies, which are considered one of the oldest in the world. There are tours that include the visit to this museum.

4. Agricultural valley: The crops and plantations of the valley are impressive. Highlights include tropical fruits, juices of all flavors, flower plantations and olives. This colorful landscape gives life to an area that stays alive during the 4 seasons. If you go through the valley, do not forget to try the natural juices that are sold in the villages.

5. Lauca National Park: It is the highland Andean park per excellence. Bodefades, wild straw, the lake chungará and imposing views. There is no quieter place than this to rest. Although it is more than 4 thousand meters above sea level, it is advisable not to exercise and take care of the puna. If you take a tour, you can tour the best of the park.

6. Putre: You cannot leave this place without visiting this historic place that has been almost intact over the years. It has a colonial appearance and an architecture dating from the seventeenth century.

7. Salar de Surire: Not only in San Pedro de Atacama we find salar. In Arica and Parinacota we have this wonderful white salt scenery. It is located inside the National Park Lauca with landscapes of the plateau that you will not find in another place of Chile.

8. Villages of the Altiplano: Socoroma, Belén, Parinacota and many others are the typical villages of northern Chile. Their churches remain intact over time and each year celebrate their festivities with dances, music and songs.

9. Codpa: It is certainly one of the favorite places for visitors to Arica. It is a green valley surrounded by high mountains whose paths are lost in ravines and cliffs. You will also find hot springs and a small village.

10. Carnaval Force of the Sun: Every year, in the month of February, this Andean international carving takes place that fills the streets of the city of Arica with colors. Photographers and tourists from all over the world come to witness this visual spectacle with masks, costumes and wonderful clothes representing different cultures.

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