Fishing Lodges in Chile

There are numerous lodges to go fishing in Chile, most of them in Región de Los Lagos, Chiloé Island, Northern Patagonia, and Southern Patagonia, where the best fishing destinations are located. In these areas you will also find a huge variety of species.

Northern Patagonia

Yelcho Hotel, in Patagonia
Lake Yelcho
Hotel, cabbins and camping areas near Chaitén.  The hotel offers fishing excursions to the Yelcho Lake and Glacier.
Yelcho Hotel in Patagonia
Cinco Ríos Lodge

Fascinating landscapes, world class fishing activities, luxury accommodations and gourmet cuisine are only some of the features offered by Cinco Ríos.
Hotel El Barranco Lodge
A marvelous refuge set against wonderful Southern landscape backdrop. The place has international  quality customer attention, offering a great familiar atmosphere.
Hotel El Barranco Lodge Chile
Espacio y Tiempo Hotel
La Junta
Small but cozy "mountainside hotel”, with 9 rooms, central heating, bar, restaurant, surrounded rivers, lakes and lagoons from "Cuenca del Palena".
 Hotel espacio y tiempo, Chile
Salmo Patagonia Lodge

Salmo Patagonia Lodge was built with fine woods and features spacious ambients like a reading room, library, bait mounting rooms, wide gardens and a private lagoon full of fish, everything backed up by the most prestigious guides.
Coyhaique River Lodge

In this lodge you will enjoy delicious lunches in a beautiful setting, in one of the best areas for fishing in Chile, visiting several lakes and rivers, and assisted by the best local guides.
Mallin Colorado Ecolodge
Lake General Carrera
Amongst the spectacular landscape of General Carrera lake you'll find this lodge, complete with inclusive programs and a more than excellent service.
Cabañas Mallin Colorado Ecolodge, Chile
Hacienda Tres Lagos Hotel
Lake General Carrera
Luxurious hacienda for vacation tourism in Chilean Patagonia, on the Austral Road, situated on the shore of the Negro Lake between General Carrera and Bertrand Lakes.
Hacienda Tres Lagos Hotel
Terra Luna Lodge
Lake General Carrera
Terra Luna Lodge offer the best alternative to visit the Chilean Patagonia all year round.
Terra Luna Lodge
Mincho's Lodge
Comfortable cabins with private bathroom and a outstanding view to the Simpson river. It offers other recreational activities in a warm and friendly family atmosphere.
Minchos Lodge, Chile
Isla Monita Fly fishing Lodge
Yelcho Lake
Located in a magical 100h. private island in Yelcho Lake where astonishing beauty and soulful tranqulity abound.
Isla Monita Fly Fishing 
Hotel El Pangue Cabins
Ecological tourist centre with hotel, cabins, house club,  heated swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi, everything placed at the heart of Northrern Patagonia.
Hotel El Pangue Cabins 
El Mirador de Playa Guadal Cabins
Lake General Carrera
Privileged location on the shores of General Carrera Lake overlooking the impressive snow-capped Andes Mountains and breathtaking San Valentin and Leones Glaciers.
El Mirador de Playa Guadal 



These are de destinations where you can Fishing Lodges in Chile