In order to go fishing in Chile it is necessary to take into consideration the fishing season for each species, so as to plan your trip succesfully. Also, the fishing seasons are regulated by Chilean authorities so as to protect the fish population. Species Zone Season Salmonids I to X Regions From the second Friday of November until the first Sunday of May Lake Llanquihue September 15th to May 7th 2000 X Region: Palena Lake and Puelo Lagoon All year round XI Region: From the north of the region until south creek of Las Torres Lake From the second Friday of November until the first Sunday of May XI Region: From the south creek of Las Torres lake until XI Region frontier From the second Friday of October until the first Sunday of April XI Region:  Lakes General Carrera and O'Higgins All year round XII Region From October 16th to April 14th of the next year XII Region: Fagnano Lake All year round XII Region: Parrillar Lake From October 16th to March 15th of the next year In the Pescado, Cuimilahue and Sur rivers as well as their respective affluents, you are only permitted to use hooks without rough flanges and artificial flies. The use of boats to practice this activity is also forbidden. Also, in the Cuimilahue river and its affluents, you must use a rod, reel and lines specific for that fishing equipment; the fly must have only a simple hook. Night fishing of salmon species from boats is forbidden (between 21:00 pm and 06: 00 am), in places located less than 500 meters from the outlet of rivers or brooks, lakes, lagoons or ponds. Capture Limits Specie Zone Allowance Salmonids I to XII Regions 3 specimens or 15th kilograms per day whichever happens first. Rainbow Trout and Silver Salmon X Region: Pescado River, Sur River and their affluents (*) 1 specimen per day. Rainbow Trout X Region: Cuimilahue River and it affluents (Futrono) 2 specimens per day.  Brown Trout X Region: Cuimilahue River, Sur River, Pescado River and their affluents (Futrono)  Catch and release only. (*) Also valid for the mouth of these rivers and Lake Llanquihue, to a radius of 1,000 meters (from the mouth of the river).