Chile is one of the best places in the world to do rafting, here you can find the best rivers in the country to enjoy this entertaining sport.

Chile is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations at the regional level for white water sports. The proximity of the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean makes the rivers in our country short but intense, perfect for kayak or rafting.

From the metropolitan region to the south we have dozens of rivers with strong currents that in the summer months become favorite scenarios for adrenaline junkies.

Surrounded by forests, lakes, fjords and inlets, rivers such as the Futaleufu and the Baker, fascinate those who descend by raft by high intensity currents, incredible descents and great flows.

Then we leave you the five rivers in Chile that you have to visit if you like to raft or if you want to try it:

Rio Maipo: In Cajon del Maipo, just an hour far from the capital, there is the river of the same name, whose waters challenge the most intrepid with grade IV rapids in spring and summer and grade III torrents from fall to winter.  

Río Claro: located in the beautiful National Reserve 7 Tazas, this river is ideal for families looking to have a good time and enjoy the natural environment. Its flow of intermediate level with rapids and irregular but moderate waves, allow to have a pleasant and entertaining experience while appreciating the 7 waterfalls that give the name to the reserve.  

Liucura and Trancura River: 15 kilometers far from Pucón approximately, capital of adventure tourism in Chile, is the Trancura, a river with rapids of degrees IV and V, waves of two or three meters and a powerful torrent capable of challenging even the most rafting experts.

Futaleufú: located in the middle of Chilean Patagonia, the Futaleufú is one of the three best destinations in the world to deal with high intensity rapids. Surrounded by beautiful nature, this river consists of a wide flow, adrenalinic descents and class V rapids that attract the most experts in this discipline. Its good flow, its perfect slope and its long stretches characterize it as well as the amazing forests and lakes that surround it.

Baker: Near the Laguna San Rafael, between the Campos de Hielo Norte and the Campos de Hielo Sur in the Aysén region is the spectacular Baker River. Of calypso color and surrounded by virgin nature, this body of water has rapids ranging from grades II to III.

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