Learn all about the largest marine reserve in the Americas.

The oceans are currently deteriorating continuously due to pollution and acidification of the waters. This problem is, in turn, causing adverse effects on marine ecosystems, biodiversity, and small-scale fisheries. Faced with this irregularity, the UN proposed the objective of protecting 10% of the ocean by 2020 and one of the actions to carry it out is the creation of the Nasca Marine Park - Desventuradas.

Nasca - Desventuradas is the largest reserve on the American continent. Home of moray eels, sea lions and swordfish has a surface similar to that of Italy. Created by the Government of Chile, the reserve covers 297,000 square kilometers of the ocean around the islands of San Ambrosio and San Felix.

Together, these islands are known as the Desventuradas and are part of the Nasca ridge that goes from Peru to  Rapa Nui. Considered part of the Valparaíso region, they are located 900 kilometers off the Chilean coast.

The Nasca - Desventuradas  reserve is located in an exceptional environment that is home to endemic species. According to the marine biologist and resident explorer of National Geographic, Enric Sala, 72% percent of the fish of this archipelago and the Juan Fernández Islands live only in this area of ​​the South Pacific.

On the other hand, the new marine park will promote the recovery of depleted fisheries in this Pacific area and will ensure the future of lobster fishing in the Juan Fernández archipelago.

The creation of the reserve was possible thanks to the collaboration between Mares Pristinos and the NGO Oceana: "Fishing may continue to be practiced in the areas adjacent to the protected area," explains Álex Muñoz, vice president of Oceana in Chile.


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