Do you want to visit the Atacama Region and you don’t know what excursions to do? In this article we will tell you the secrets of Copiapó and its surroundings.

The Atacama Region is home to a wealth of natural attractions. Here we tell you the destinations that you can’t miss if you visit the Atacama Desert.

1. Between August and October there is a natural phenomenon that is the flowering desert, where the whole landscape is filled with thousands of colors. This visual show is not to be missed! And it doesn’t happen every year. There are tours and travel programs to specifically know the flowering desert in a few days, you can even escape the weekend.

2. Coastal route: The beaches of the Atacama Region are characterized by clear waters, calm bays where you can snorkel and even kayak. We recommend Totoral, La Virgen beach, Bahía Inglesa, Caldera and of course, to taste seafood with exquisite seafood.

3. Llanos de Challe National Park: Located in the coastal area with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and different landscapes of the Atacama Desert. If you are lucky enough to go in the flowery desert season, the tour will take you to this park so you can see one of the best landscapes of the Atacama desert, with a completely colorful landscape full of flowers.

4. Dakar route: You csn meet the highest dunes in South America and on a tour you can visit the Dakar route by jeep and watch the sunset with a rich pisco souer from the top of the desert mountains of the Atacama Desert.

5. Nevados Tres Cruces National Park: Andean landscapes in the middle of the Andes mountain range. You will find lagoons where you can see flamingos and landscapes that include the Tres Cruces massif. This one stands out for its three high peaks that surpass the 6 thousand meters of height. A landscape surrounded by volcanoes, colors, Andean flora and fauna.